Bernie Exposes Weaselly GOP Plan To Cut Medicare & Social Security

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Bernie Exposes Weaselly GOP Plan To Cut Medicare & Social Security

53 thoughts on “Bernie Exposes Weaselly GOP Plan To Cut Medicare & Social Security

  1. Republicans are clearly owned by corporate oligarchs. I won’t vote for a Republican candidate ever. Local, state or federal office.

    • tmcfootball96 Absolutely. I am not supporting corrupted politicians of any party. I will vote for the most progressive person in any race. And as a former Democratic party officer, I can’t stomach the corporate whores who I know.

    • If the democrat opposing him is a child molestor or conman, I might vote for him.
      However, dems don’t seem to let such people represent them.

  2. “My mother is on social sec and Medicare. I would never do anything to hurt my mother.” -Marco Rubio . Marco Rubio just screwed his own mother.

  3. Bernie could be in a coma and I would gladly vote for him over almost anybody. In fact if Bernie’s corpse is on the ballot I will vote for it.

    • Bernie cares so much, and yet, the decades of American idiots who’ve heckled him for it have failed to discourage him. And I find that to be most impressive. Trump – the alt-right ‘alpha-male’ – would have imploded a long time ago, but Bernie carries onward. It must really piss off the corporate whores in D.C.

  4. Reclaiming my time!! Drag him. They genuinely don’t care. Family values and they don’t care about families and do things like this.

    • This dude seriously just said he’s a Liberal like Trump and Rush Limbaugh. I tried to hear you out and keep an open mind but now I realize what you’re doing. Got it, you’re a Liberal just like some Republicans try to claim Abraham Lincoln and take credit for the civil rights movement, completely ignoring the fact that these labels have gotten completely flipped on their faces at points in history. Apparently I gave you more credit than you deserve once you start listing Rush Limbaugh as an ethical model in your life.

    • WHAT FUCKING CORPORATIONS ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Multiple people have asked you to explain where in the world you are getting this from and you keep blowing past it.

    • Jimmy Whisper Trump is around the same age. So he could die soon too. Same with most of the senators and congressmen many of which are even older.

    • James, Hitler was admired by socialists for his central planning and nationalization of industry. The capitalists, like they always do, took advantage of the socialists. Hitler was not immune to socialist stupidity, but smart enough to understand how stupid socialists were historically, he wasn’t going to make the same mistakes. Fascism necessarily is collectivist. In fact, it’s the singularly most important theme is Fascist writings. Fascism is the rejection of individualism and the exaltation of the State [the collective]. I’m not sure why socialists reject fascism, which fascists saw as the evolution from socialism. I would have thought that Collectivist philosophical thinking would have evolved from the Marxist and the Luddite into something more results-based or scientific… Oh well, the world needs ditch diggers too.

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