Bernie 2020, Medicare For All Litmus Test? Turks Trifecta!

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( ), Emma Vigeland ( ), and Andrew Jones ( ) talked about a series of stories including Medicare For All, momentum, Bernie Sanders' 2020 chances, President Trump flip-flopping on NAFTA, and the NRA breaking its silence on the murder of Philando Castile.

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Bernie 2020, Medicare For All Litmus Test? Turks Trifecta!

40 thoughts on “Bernie 2020, Medicare For All Litmus Test? Turks Trifecta!

  1. the trifecta of credibility and quality of journalism. glad to see Mike wasn’t there going through your trash for conspiracy theories.

    • She mentioned that Trump and Bernie were populists, and then tried to correct it to say that Trump was a fake populist. It was a little unclear.

  2. Emma is accurate about Elizabeth Warren. I have a problem with her being unwilling to break with the democratic establishment. I worry about where she would fundraise.

    • A “no true scotsman” is when you claim that I am not a Z because I said B and your reason is Z would only say A. Therefore since I said B you reject the idea that I am Z. THIS is no true scotsman..afterall you did said that anyone who uses the word of mein fuhrer is not a progressive. Called you out and you didn’t even explain HOW it’s misused. Instead all you did was attack me personally. What an actor.

      Oh so you speak of Warren? Where did you get the idea that I was referring to Warren? I’m pretty sure none of my responses TO YOU ever had the name Warren in them. I guess you KNEW after all? Acting again? And no I did not use the use the fallacy to refer to Warren because I never thought of her as one. I only refer to her as a opportunist who just waits on the sidelines who happens to be liberal and came out only when its safe. Is something wrong with your comprehension?

      Music, berating my achievements by comparing Pocahontas to me still doesn’t prove how she is correct for the course of action that she’s chosen during those events. You still have yet to give me a relevant argument other than to attack me personally. You know what Bernie always say, “lets talk about the issue”. Don’t try to be one of us when you’re not. Get lost.

    • “Music” does seem to think himself a mind reader or something. Somehow he knows me well enough to claim we have no policy differences, and says he wants money out of politics more than I do. Impressive. He is pretty quick with the ad hominem attacks, as you noted. Kinda contradicts himself a lot. Is fundraising irrelevant or essential? Do we have the same policies or is his conviction stronger?

  3. The Repugs are in a state of dis array; the time is now to force the issues. Improved Medicare for all is the only viable solution to our malignant perverse health care system.

    • That’s not saying much if anything. The Dems are total losers and so are the Repugs ! Time for a major progressive 3rd party / by offering dissatisfied Dems and Repugs an option to join a movement that actually serves the people rather than the elites.

    • Not to mention Warren by her own words made a ‘spirited defence’ of Joe Manchin to Cenk. Manchin voted for most of Trump’s nominees, advocated pulling out of the Paris agreement, opposes $15 minimum wage and regulating big oil/gas. He also votes Republican more often than he does his own party. Warren defends all of this.

  4. This is the most laid-back journalistic trio ever seen, and in a good way. Plus, Emma Vigeland is that lovely.

    • I really don’t know how to take that, only that it makes you sound like a cannibal. Take my word for it, I taste awesome.

  5. Tulsi Gabbard is hawkish, she is supportive of using strike teams and drones against “terrorist”. She called herself a hawk when fighting against islamic extremism. She has insisted on using the phrase islamic extremism and prefers to blame Islam and not American intervention for the instability in the Middle East. Tulsi Gabbard is also againnst the Iran nuclear deal, I’m not sure why still looking up the reason. Gabbard has ties to India’s far right politics and has a history of conservative viewpoints on LGBT and abortion rights.

  6. Better be Bernie2020, I don’t think Warren can win the primary against the likes of Kamala Harris. There’s no enthusiasm for Warren – she lost trust and she is not doing anything to get it back.
    Bernie has to give Democratic Party an ultimatum in about 2018: get rid of super delegates, closed primaries, allow same day registration or screw you, I am going 3rd Party. Playing nice doesn’t win you any election, I don’t know if Bernie learned that lesson yet. Bernie needs to be a gansta.

    • maybe Bernie too…. he’s a little too lovey dovey with the Democratic party rn imo, as soon as he realizes the dem party needs him & not vice versa, I’ll throw my support behind him.

  7. Medicare for all, is from so countries that are considered third world. Yet the most advanced country can’t have it.

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