Ben Shapiro Wants To DISMANTLE Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, And ALL Welfare *INSANE*

Ben Shapiro Wants To DISMANTLE Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, And ALL Welfare *INSANE*

The idea of dismantling all social programs within the United States is not only moronic, but massively dangerous to the livelihood of millions upon millions of people.

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Ben Shapiro Wants To DISMANTLE Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, And ALL Welfare *INSANE*

55 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro Wants To DISMANTLE Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, And ALL Welfare *INSANE*

  1. I’m LIBERTARIAN because I hear that republicans want to DISMANTLE Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, And ALL Welfare …but then once they go into office, they expanded a lot of those govt programs…FACT

    EDIT: But lets see their argument against dismantling the welfare state…FACT

    ***The idea of dismantling all social programs within the United States is not only moronic, but massively dangerous to the livelihood of millions upon millions of people.***

    “moronic” is not an argument…FACT

    “massively dangerous to the livelihood of millions upon millions of people” is not an argument…FACT

    so it basically muh feelz ,which is not an argument…FACT

    • +Sean O’Nilbud ***I can argue that not paying taxes is actually a violation of the N.A.P. Though I’m pretty sure your head just exploded reading that. :D***

      I’m waiting for your response, I know its someone else who said this, but since you consider yourself a collectivist, you can take up responsibility for your comrades’ inability to answer why we need to pay taxes…FACT

      I’m waiting 🙂

    • YouAreCancer: it took you that long to come up with that?? And if you were intellectually honest (which you are not) you’d already know the answer to that question.

    • +Vote Classic Progressive Liberal and Save America ***it took you that long to come up with that?? And if you were intellectually honest (which you are not) you’d already know the answer to that question.***

      I was busy and didn’t want to response on my smart phone, and you want me to create your argument for you? Is it one of those ridiculous scenarios that a train is coming and there are two paths both with people on it tied to the tracks and I have to choose who the train will kill? LOL XD

    • Cancer: Ok, yeah, sure…several hours on a smartphone. whatever. I guess I’m going to have to hold your hand so you can get it. Answer this: When you make a monetary income….is it something you choose to do?

  2. Ben Shapiro is a black and white kind of thinker…at least he’s being paid to be! There is no grey area. According to him, you can’t have any amount of socialism in a society without going full blown Socialist, Marxist take over(even though we already have a socialist/capitalist hybrid democracy…shhhh)! According to him, you can’t have social healthcare because that means people have to hold a gun to other people’s head and make them provide care for free! Same goes with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and free college!

    Ben is the king of the straw-man argument and hiding a lie behind a truth!

    • NUTCASE71733 socialism is the democratic and collective ownership over the means of production. Socialists also support everything i described. also anarchism and marxism are sort of different, so describing it as “anarchy” is odd.

    • I happen to be a socialist too, and I didnt outright say communism is bad. And what you said about socialism is nothing different from what I said either. Learn reading comprehension.

      And yeah communism is synonymous with anarchy by definition. At the end of the day destruction of hierarchical systems leads to there being no government at all or capital for that matter.

    • NUTCASE71733 >learn reading comprehension
      karl marx used the terms socialism and communism inter changeably, and pretty much all the socialist figures i have read advocated evrtything i have said. so why youre telling me to read a book is beyond me. also, I never said socialism and communism were the exact same thing.

      oh btw, marxism and anarchism have the same end goal, but they both have different means of reaching that end, so yes they are different

    • “also, I never said socialism and communism were the exact same thing. ‘

      That statement sorta conflicts with this.

      ” Socialism is the movement to abolish the present state of things. It strives to abolish wage slavery, the functions of capital, and then finally class itself. Socialist figures from Eugene V Debs to Nester Mahkno have never advocated what you’re describing. Especially the military, and police, which both serve the interests of the ruling class. ”

      I could agree with how the military and police forces are being used presently, but you stating that socialism seeks to abolish anything appears to be if anything else a rebranding of what communism ultimately is. Sorry if I happen to be wrong but at the end of the day you were the one who gave the impression they were the ame. We’re not going to get support for socialism if people continue to make it look like they are the same.

    • NUTCASE71733 i agree with you that you often have to seperate the two. also sorry if it seemed contradictory its just that im sometimes not that good at explainging stuff

    • +reaper39 Yeah that’s why I’m a Social Democrat even though I don’t take Statistics in school because I take Precalculus lol, also I’m a High School Senior like Sahil Habibi and some of my friends take Statistics or AP Statistics (even harder lol) so they would know XD

    • +Harry Christofi I took both pre calc and ap stats my senior year lol get on my level son. That was like 6 years ago though. Im an old geezer now.

    • +Harry Christofi Lol 24 (25 in a few months). And I too hate math but I majored in business so when I was a wee little youngster I thought I will take pre calc and stat as prep for college! Hated both got B’s in both accomplished my goals of chilling with a GPA just above a 3 in both high school and college lolz.

    • +reaper39 Well I’m gonna major in Accounting when I get into a four year college (I’m most likely gonna go to a Community College first and then transfer lol) not business which is why I decided that my elective for Senior year was gonna be Accounting (My school offers Accounting I and II in each semester respectively which is why there is only one year of Accounting in my HS) and believe it or not you don’t need AP math for Accounting because Accounting is all about financial transactions, taxes, journalizing etc. and not graphs, integrals, maxima, minima etc. lol

  3. Oh look, it’s another “socialism is when the GUBBERMAND does stuff” episode. When will this lie end? Ignoring that, I find it funny how some Ivy League kid who never worked a day in his life is now arguing against social programs, yet he’s probably OK with massive military budget expansions.

    • AbsolutexxZero finally you make a coherent comeback.
      You’re correct, and I spoke in racial and ethnic terms because that’s the easiest way for some people to grasp the idea of IQ.
      I should know of course, that these only averages and that those averages have no bearing on the individual; the average Mexican IQ is 88, while I stand at 128.

      The question , why are black and Hispanics poor in the first place?
      Does poverty drive low IQ? Or the other way around?
      By every metric out there, IQ drives the relative wealth or poverty of a nation.

      So what shall we do with that, then?
      Set up a welfare state like the EU?
      Look up the decreasing IQ numbers in the European nations.
      The answer is obvious.

    • Josue Barboza also I must push back a bit on you claiming to not be anything resembling a conservative as your arguments and views indicate that you are indeed a conservative on this particular issue

  4. I’m sure that if I asked him whether he’s in favor of allowing those on welfare like my autistic brother to die if only we got rid of all welfare programs, he would say yes.

    • he would offer a baseless and unfounded idea about the free market being able to magically create a mechanism to help him, no real details would be offered though, only ideological verbal diarrhea

  5. Wasn’t Ben the hypocrite who said that America was founded on Christian values? Jesus defended some of the core values of socialism, and I quote from the Holy Bible: Mark 10:25 “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” That verse in anti capitalism, because the more success you have in capitalism, the more far away you are from the Heavens. So which is it Ben, you can have your cake and eat it, you know? (although he is probably paid to know that but ignore it)

    • Sean o’nilbud, I did not answer you, so I Guess you need to learn to read. Whats Your point, my answer to threadstarter is solid. Use arguments, not insults, if you got something to say. Calling folks fools, just make you look a fool.

    • Sean, use Your head now. If I was on the left, I would flag Your response, and ou would get the Message that you lacked codecs to play html5 videos. If I decide to jhave a vendetta against you, and make a couple of fake accounts, I can get you banned. So behave please. By the way, if you want to know from where I am coming, I can tell you. I vote to the left of you, I vote to the left of Your green party.

      I am just telling you americans, you cant do what we do yet, because it would wreck Your economy, and send millions into uneployment, and poverty, before you would have to cut benefits and make the poor, even more poor. You must produce surplus first, and give free School and Health for the poor first, and grow fom that. Giving it to everybody now, would mean inreased taxes, also on the poor, and cuts in benefits. That makes the poor, even more poor. Giving to 100%, when the 20% are suffering, is selfish. Take care of the 20% first, then we talk about paying the bills for the 80%.

    • Sean, good Catch bruh, medicine-time, almost forgot. My Genetics are great for sports and brainstuff. I am so smart and healthy, I could beat you up, and give you a lecture, and the world would benefit biggly. But theese genes are mine, all mine, so I am taking some stuff to mess up my sperm. I do not want to share them With parasites cfalled kids, they seem evil to me. Nuff bout theese evil beings messing up womens bodies, without paying the price, but rather be rewarded for it. Bingbongbokers you be, and tremendous bingbonbokers too, some would say biggle bingbongbonker. Stop drinking bongwater, it feels like I am drinking cannabis.

    • it’s stuff like that, that makes me want a voucher system or for the states to do education, I live in Canada, education here is provincial jurisdiction, that’s something America should learn from Canada and we’re more leftist than America. how do collect more taxes?

    • Toa Lime ok i see youre canadian. i dont know who told you the united states spends more on healthcare than military, but thats a lie.

    • commentor2013 more of our national debt is accounted for by social programs over the next several decades than defense spending, but yearly when it comes to discretionary spending the defense budgets are higher. I don’t know how you could both have a functioning government/ social safety net and lower the National debt anytime soon, but more tax revenue collected each year is the only thing that will eliminate the deficit.

  6. socialism promotes growth. ben is a hypocrite every time he drives on a road made possible by socialism to get to work. lol i know he dont work tho

  7. It’s always funny when these derping morons whine about socialism and the gubmint and then repeat exactly the propaganda the US gubmint puts out about socialism and how terrible it is. The same mindless derp they’re taught in those gubmint schools and watch on those gubmint sanctioned and censored TV stations and see in those Pentagon(TM) sponsored Hollywood movies.

    • Seán O’Nilbud its hilarious how these anti socialists are also shouting blue lives can you be so anti socialist but so pro cop and military?

    • Sean, you have raged against me, like a dog With rabies, so what kind of debate do you want? I am not even capitalist, Rich, or anything. Jst saying you need to find the Money for it first, then surplus needs to be funneld to the area you ask. Spending the Money prior to that, will give you inflation and unemployment, and then the US cant pay fo the wish. You are asking for a lie that will hurt you, and biting the ones who disagrre. New years resolution for you, behave nicer to others You are evil incarnate right now.

    • Sean, yes, yes, just run the creditcard, and run up more debt, and destroy Your kids future. The majority in the states deserve it.

  8. Ben Shapiro love to give Israel money from Americans tax money in form of aid 4 trillions to Israeli. But he hate to see American’s enjoying their own tax money.

    • Freaud Ba, its not either this or that. And no ameicans die, from giving Israel some funding, to safeguard themselves. Do some Research too, Israel has the most accurate military gadgets, which they produce and sell to the US. So less civilians are casualties, because of Israels advances in Technology. Same stuff With my country, except we dont get free Money, but contracts to arm Your planes and stuff, and thats good enough. The targeting system, that saves lives are israeli mostly, some of it comes from us. The tomahawkmissiles are bought from us. You make Your militarygadgets, and then others develop the weapons for those gadgets, and you buy em, and you are nr one as a result. The world would be a different plae if Israel and Scandinavia was on the russian side for 30 years. You would speak russian by now. There is benefit in this relationship. Great benefits. And its Applications comes into normal industries too. You also get to put up listeningstations, and steal Our industrial Secrets, so I would walk wuitly in the door. You americans have abused Our trust. You are a pickpocketing theif we let in Our doors.

    • I am not a jew, even though I would lke to be. But I am not circumsizing myself to become a seconrate jew. If my mother is not a jew, I can only become a secondrate jew. But I am a zionist none the less, because of muslims acting out.

    • If you are against helping Americans, then you should be against helping anyone else. But If you want to help Israeli, and let Americans deal with crony free market to survive this is hypocracy

    • Freud Ba, I assume you respond to me. I dont care about anybody in my comment. I am just explaining Your benefit from the deal. I come from a country where we have an armscompany who have contracts With the US for arms. We buy Your planes, you give us contacts for arms, otherwise we og for eurofighter. You gave us contracts, we bought the planes, end of story. This weapons Company gives Our state like $50 millions a year in taxes. Not to mention the workers they employ, and the goverment get dividents from the Company that is stateowned. If you ask me to be selfish, it dont work, beacuse Your WARs make us Money, it pays Our Schools. I am a zionist, but not a jew, out of principle. Dont really care about my country, I care more about he US interest.

    • dude! first and foremost USA existed and prospered 150 years before the State of Israel was created. when we declare our Independence Great Britain was against us and all the Muslims countries were against us especially Barbary states North Africa, but we made it. we didn’t need anyone. second Israel can make their own money and buy from wherever they wish. if they don’t like our products other countries may love it. we can sell our advanced airplane to Syria and Egypt and balance the power in the region to make end to all this mess created by Israel and Saudi Arabia.

  9. I love how he thinks scientists out there need five yachts to be “incentivized” to innovate. lol….typical fucktarded right-wing thinking. They can’t comprehend innovation and creativity for its own sake.

    • I’m sorry but nothing this guy says makes any sense.
      The thing about these programs is everybody putting their money together to help each other to help others in need and so we may use the programs ourselves in return.

      They’re supposed to be an incentive to get people to work and taking away these programs that help the poor and elderly doesn’t actually help. In their mind they think it stunts the growth of the economy because people can just sit back and live off of it and never give back, but the problem is that taking away stunts growth because people don’t really take into account human error or measure the number of people in society.
      They honestly think that there’s a well of jobs out there if you just get up and look but the problem is they don’t take in account human error which is a multitude of reasons employer not to hire you, be that skill, education, favoritism or the fact that a position isn’t available, which brings us to the next one which is the number of people in society versus available jobs that we have now.

      The number of people in any given State outweighs the number of available jobs and if you don’t get there for the job then someone else will take it and leads you to look for job somewhere else but what happens when every job you come across that doesn’t have a position for your particular skill if you have it? You have to look towards a job that you don’t like that pays at minimum wage because of their high paying jobs need a particular skill that you would have to go back to school for to acquire and to do that you need money and transportation to get there and the punchline to this dark comedy is the chance that as soon as you get through acquiring the skill you need for that job the positions already filled and that area and you would either have to look somewhere else that needs your skill or you have to go right back to a minimum wage job.

      It’s an endless cycle that poor people can’t seem to get out of that keeps us stuck at minimum wage if we are even lucky to get it. We don’t stay at minimum wage because we like it, but because we have nowhere else to go no matter how hard we try and when the money we have is enough to survive on we look towards getting a second job and work ourselves to the fucking bone to provide for ourselves and our family.

      And don’t get me wrong I know there are some people out there who profitize off of these programs and they set up a bad impression for people who DO need them. Those kind of people want to live off others forever but there are a lot of us that don’t want to live off of it forever if we’re proud and able-bodied with the skill that trust me we want to work and earn our money but until there is actually a proper living condition that we all can agree on that we can actually be a part of instead of treating poor people like their the plague then it’s just going to continue getting worse before it gets better.

      Being poor and homeless isn’t a fucking lifestyle that people choose to be in, but an actual real life hell that people will have to go through because everything from acquiring a skill, going to school or transportation all requires money, and like the ferryman at the River Styx if you don’t pay him you don’t proceed and you’ll be left wandering the world alone with nowhere to go. That’s why that pull yourself up by your bootstraps it doesn’t work nowadays like it might have done last century or the century before because times have changed and if you were able to do just that then you should consider yourself pretty damn lucky for that even be possible because not everybody can do it without some kind of help.

      There more people out there in the country and instead of helping these people get back on their feet in the proper way Society just turn it’s back on us and causes lazy Moochers because we get left behind by the very corporations they put their faith in so blindly that would do the very same thing to them in the end.

      And that analogy that Shapiro said made no sense whatsoever. One person only having $5 and giving everyone $1 is not how it’s supposed to work. It’s a group effort that distributes what people have around to help each other out.
      Hearing him say it makes it sound like only one person carries the burden of paying for everybody else. With that type of thinking it’s no wonder they hate poor people if they think about it that way. If that’s their only way of thinking then they’re even more arrogant and clueless than I first believed.

      P.S. sorry for the long text. had to get it off my chest.

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