Ben Shapiro FAILS Trying To Debunk Medicare For All & Doesn’t Care About Facts

Ben Shapiro FAILS Trying To Debunk Medicare For All & Doesn't Care About Facts

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Ben Shapiro FAILS Trying To Debunk Medicare For All & Doesn't Care About Facts

56 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro FAILS Trying To Debunk Medicare For All & Doesn’t Care About Facts

  1. Shapiro is a moron who is totally dishonest but who cares, Devil May Cry 5 is coming out in 2019 and I’m feeling m o t i v a t e d

  2. Ben Shapiro is your typical guy who grew up believing he was smart but just got lucky enough to not have enough people around him to tell him how dumb he was.

    • He’s basically a real life Sheldon Cooper form the big bang theory. He’s certainly educated, but he’s tone deaf regarding empathy and other social aspects and fails to consider the human factor when it comes to his views.

    • Parker Cestaric Sheldon is at least competent at theoretical physics, Shapiro can’t even do simple basic math. I think the Big Bang Theory is a stupid show, but that’s just disrespectful to compare Sheldon with Shapiro.

    • Ben Shapiro is very intelligent. Anyone who thinks he’s stupid I just plain wrong. Ben’s problem is that he was born into a wealthy family, despite his talent everything in his life has been handed to him, obviously suffers from clinical narcissicm, as a lawyer he lies and twists facts for a living, and he has never once experienced any sort of hardship. He is psychologically incapable of changing his personal position, not because he is stupid, but because that would require him to admit personal fault. If anyone here has ever known a real, diagnosed narcissict, you know the insane lengths they will go to keep from admitting they were wrong.

  3. The 60 to 65% tax rate is the marginal tax rate. That means only the top 1% pay that in right top 1% income levels.

    Those countries have surpluses. Yea so smaller places with less money can do better for cheaper.

    They are actually healthier because they take care their health before it get to that point of needing it.

    The healthcare system we have now would cost 49 trillion dollars over the exact same time. 32 trillion is less then 49 trillion.

    We’re already spending all that money with thur system we gave now and we’re don’t have any of the 3 things ben said at all

    • darkstalkerknight63. Well, that is plain wrong. We have had conservatives for 6 years now, and they have lowered the taxes for common People, and lowered or removed alot of indirect taxes. We have a party called the right party and the progressive party running our country. Supported by the left party and the christian party. We also have two marxist parties With about 8% together, and a green party, who would be called progressive, by theese regressive leftists, and they want to increase the taxes for the common man. The green party wants to increase them bigtime.

    • +Fatlittle Kid lol. And every cut benefits and things like infrastructure maintenance and taxes on them the most but you got a 2% tax cut as well while 98% of the cuts went to themselves.

      Meanwhile areas were slowly falling apart because funds and ben cut to maintain those areas.

      I seen this song and dance before.

      Progressives want you to pay less overall while getting more and better. So yes your taxes will go up a little but overall you get more back in benefits.

    • darkstalkerknight63. Wrong. I live in Norway. The common People got taxcuts. Most of the taxcuts went to common People, second most to businesses, and the 1% got a little. Peoples jobs got secured, and the workers got taxcuts, instead of wageincrease. Part of the plan to guide us through the Financial crisis. The union was onboard With it. More Money for infrastructure maintenance, thank god, our hospitals and other Public real estate was crumbling, and the standard the Labour party had set, was not being followed, this is one of the issues they won on. And our Version of “the progressives” as you see them from the left, wanted to increase our taxes With 10 billions. We are 5 million People to Your information. They will lose the election in 2 years too.

    • +Fatlittle Kid I do not believe you unless it was written on paper! Our situation in our country is different! Conservatives want to tax the working class more while lowering the wealthy’s taxes.

    • Omegametalchase92. You are not being specific about what you disbelieve. We do not have English papers, and we are not covered by English papers, so I cannot show you this. bing what goverment we have had for 6 years, and bing the taxrates now vs taxrates 6+ years ago. Bing expat Spain+tax+healthcare or something. They have their system in English, since they import rich people to spend their Money in Spain. We don’t advertise ours to foreigners, we just take 4,7% of their wages, or 8% if they are on the dole. Just a fact, I inform you of how we pay for it, so you can understand a bit more of the costs. Disregard it and be clueless if you wish. It would not hurt you to know how Scandinavia funds it when you debate conservatives. They might even agree With you about the funding, since it is a small tax-rise for them, and the rest comes from the salery-budget of the employers. And it is a flat tax for people, unless they are jobless, then it costs twice as much. If you want bipartisan support for universal Healthcare, this may sway the other side. Think. All they want is a realistic funding for it.

    • JRLM. not a joke, that is what the left want. Kill bill, and all of bills Family. Or so I think, such a violent moview, I did not watch that chainsawmassacre.,

    • Fatlittle Kid it was a joke… other people did however secretly record the president already.. deal with it. But you know what liberals really want? We want trump to just be normal hahhahaa just be fucking normal dude. Is that so much to ask for??

    • Fatlittle Kid yeesh you make such broad assertions, most if not all European countries that have tried medicare for all and have not gone back to their old system. How does your assertion hold any ground when you dont back it up with anything? If your trying to flip paradigms and shift public opinion you arent doing such a great job

  4. So, Ben Shapiro just argued that Nordic countries that now have socialized healthcare only works for them because it was added into a privatized system???

    Is he a troll?? Because he’s just making our cases that it’ll work for us.

  5. Ben Shapiro is so infuriating. Did he forget about Canada and Australia? He didn’t mention Canada whatsoever. Also universal healthcare is so milquetoast. It’s not far left at all. If anything Ben Shapiro and his ilk are far right, so anything left of them is seen as radical.

    • +Fatlittle Kid Becuz if medicare for all is soo bad he should mention all the places that uses it. If he is buliding a real argument aganist something and purposely leave out information he is a slimy conservative with an agenda.

    • Ftnwo Glass. You are free to bing Bernie+healthcare+Norway/Sweden/Denmark, or just type Scandinavia. The shining mansion on the hill is the Scandinavian countries. I guarantee you, you get more hits on them than Canada. On individual countries alone. I am not misinformed, why make such a stupid claim? You know what I say is true. Would you not like our system? Has not Bernie and Hillary floated our system to you?

    • Lord Rosemary. NO, Ben does not need to make Your arguments for you. Just as Bernie does not need to mention that Venezuela, USSR, NK, Cuba, are examples of failed socialism. Get a grip, be and adult, and dont pretend like pundits are going to make arguments against their own case. And Ben uses the brightest examples of Healthcare here, do you disagree that Scandinavia is something you should look towards? Can you think of any Places With a better system? That you prefer Ben uses? He is honest enough to use Bernies goto example. What more can U ask?

    • The homogenous thing was a subtle racist remark. It’s born out of the belief that an all white country has less moochers, because you know those “lazy” poor brown people draining the coffers.

  6. Don’t talk about America First if your against using the country’s money to protect the well being of fellow citizens Medicare for all is very much included.

  7. Out of all the talking heads of the right, I especially despise Ben Shapiro the most. At least people like Alex Jones or Jordan Peterson are entertaining and are overtly ridiculous. I get more satisfaction listening to leaky shits than I do listening to Ben Shapiro, who’s nothing but a sniveling coward espousing the most disingenuous and hypocritical rhetoric.

    • It’s people like Shapiro that now makes me understand why my dad hates people that are Zionists. My dad would talk about how he hates this celebrity b/c he’s pro-Israel and I fail to understand why, b/c we should respect each other’s different beliefs but then, I heard about Zionist extremists like Shapiro who is so racist towards brown people.

      I despise Alex Jones even though I like him as a comedian and meme. I don’t even dislike Peterson tbh, I enjoy some of his lectures, but I just can’t stand his misinformed political and religious worldview.

  8. He is an asshat. I know the health insurance industry far better than he ever will and I’ve seen just how broken it is because it is for profit. When we are willing to let 144 people in America to die a day because there is no profit in extending their lives the industry should be replaced

    • The irony is that he complains about administrative overhead ignoring that it is the highest in a privately run for-profit health insurance market.

  9. So many nonwhite countries have “free” healthcare. Also he leaves out so much info. He’s manipulating everything. Comparing 1 year’s GDP to 10 years of Medicare for all. Also leaving out how much more it costs to not have it. Ben Shapiro is a eugenist, let’s be real.

  10. “Your healthcare is your responsibility, not mine. It is a violation of my basic rights to make me pay for it.” Why doesnt this pathetic twink ever bring that argument to its logical end? “Your defense is your responsibility, i wont pay for your military or police. Your transportation is your business, i wont pay for your roads. Your education is your business, i wont pay for your public schools.” How is this guy seen as a genius on the right? He has literally never given a satisfactory answer to that contradiction.

    • He also obviously doesn’t know how insurance works. The money you pay in premiums *pays for other people’s healthcare*. Universal healthcare just makes a country one big insurance pool, with taxes as premiums and the govt as the ‘insurer’.

    • thepowerbill1 but his fanboys have tricked themselves into believing that he is smart. So any and all criticism of Benny brain dead is seen as an attack on free speech.
      “You can fix a house or a car. You can’t fix stupid.”

    • Spencerwalker21 I was yelling the same thing as he talked. Or more accurately drones on.
      He doesn’t want to say how much the current system cost because it would totally debunk everything he is arguing about.

    • Spencerwalker21 I know. Like he knows that what he says is garbage but can’t do anything about it because he wants to go home with his pay check.

    • Because if he does, the ones listening to him would know he lie to them………… Because they don’t really look up what he is saying to be true at all. Can’t think critically.

  11. Where did he get his claim that universal healthcare was ‘bankrupting’ European countries? Never heard of such a thing in my life.

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