bcast11292017What exactly is the CT Medicare Savings Program

Today's video is on how the State of Connecticut Medicare Savings Program works.

WTNH TV yesterday stated that the State Human Services are going to enter discussion Today (Wednesday) to work on a solution to the cuts in funding. The WTNH-TV reporter in their November 28th video news report didn't sound to confident.

This is the link to that news article:

We also cover the disturbing video shared by Aaron Jones. I could use some help authenticating it.


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    • She never gave me a good description of what she wants to cover though. However, I have a few ideas for topics. Contact Will Grace, Queen Latrifa, Selena and the others to be online for a 6pm Eastern Live stream.

    • Michele Marie Dalene You got it! Why don’t you just make the topic audience participation. That’s one of the best parts of your channel. You give your audience a voice!! Except when you know who blocks everyone but I’m not going to get into that mess.

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