Barnhardt: Social Security Medicare Solution (Part 2)

Ann Barnhardt speaks the brutal, honest truth about Social Security and Medicare and outlines the only possible course of action that must be taken to save our Republic. This is part 2, start with part 1:

This video was originally posted in June 2011 and re-posted with permission from

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10 thoughts on “Barnhardt: Social Security Medicare Solution (Part 2)

  1. I’m not paying for this mess, I’m not one of the “us”, but all these stupid
    Americans who have wasted their lives and been filing 1040s like stupid
    slaves for their entire lives are going to have to pay.

  2. Roman Catholics forced Usury on Protestants via Contractum trinius of 1555
    AD. The problem is ignorance of Roman Catholics. Usury is not Christian.
    Catholics are not Christian. Westphalia Sovereignty Treaty 1648 that ended
    the war was not upheld by the Catholic end. 1776 resulted. French Roman
    Catholic 1st Amendment was a setup for a catch 22 situation. The Civil war
    was about WOMENS PROPERTY RIGHTS she will never believe that women should
    go back to slavery as Harriet Breecher Stow equated it who is TRUMP’s GREAT
    GREAT grandma. haha

  3. There is Option 3. If you want the young people to keep paying for the
    mistakes of the older fools then why not just let the fools pay for their
    mistakes. You don’t want the older people to go under the bus, but you are
    fine with younger people to go under the bus by wasting their money which
    can go towards raising their kids and planning for their future.
    We are not fools, let the people who paid into it take the full brunt their

  4. I’m calling BS on her whole rant. She talks a good game but in the end
    falls back on collectivistism and tries to shame the viewer into taking
    part in the scheme based on your Christian roots and beliefs. If the system
    is truly dead (and I believe it is), then cut the cord and let it fall. Yes
    it’s going to take some people with it but that is inevitable. Further
    more, it should be ugly it should hurt and leave a long deep scar so we
    remember how badly things like this end. I am prepared to take care of my
    own and if there is some left over I may be able to care for another but
    that should be my choice not anyone elses.

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