Bangladeshi Immigrant Cheated Medicare of $132 Million- Bought Mansion and

A Bangladeshi immigrant healthcare executive named Mashiyat Rashid cheated Medicare out of $132 million and spent the money on a mansion, courtside NBA tickets, and secret storage units filled with cash.

23 thoughts on “Bangladeshi Immigrant Cheated Medicare of $132 Million- Bought Mansion and

  1. Lucifer’s demons are clever and very deceiving.It is very difficult to catch them. But God sometimes gets his fill of them and then lifts their evil veil.

  2. We also have problem in the UK its called health tourism not as bad as this scum but its not uncommon for heavily pregnant women flying in knowing that when they give birth in the UK the NHS are obliged to look after them

  3. and as usual people who rip us off for that much , immigrant or not , usually get very low jail time even if convicted. No justice in America, People like this should get life but usually get about 2 years with good behavior. Its just sick.

  4. Rashid is quite the creative, clever (although too “flashy” which probably led to his down-fall) system-manipulating mastermind. I don’t condone what he did at all, in any aspect, but I can’t imagine what the positive possibilities a mind like that could have had for humanity had he been set on doing good instead of cheating the system to enrich himself. I’m not saying he’s a sociopath (just an educated guess there’s a high likelihood), but sometimes I wish sociopaths were given so much genius to misuse….

  5. Not all but the Bangladeshi (predominantly muslim) people (men really) see the west as a big cash cow, these people come from a culture wrapped in religion where the morals are immorality to us and green light to them. They do not give a hoot about our culture,laws,people,christianity or frankly our way of life, they see the freedom,liberty and freedom as weakness and as something to be used. I will say this only once….WHITE PEOPLE NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO BECOME A MINORITY IN COUNTRIES THAT YOU BUILT, IF YOU DO THESE KINDS OF PEOPLE WILL ENSLAVE YOU…..and i am not white by the way just to clarify.

  6. I go to the VA Hospital for my healthcare. If you like the DMV, you’ll love the VA. You have to pick a number and have a seat for so many services there. I’m not even kidding.

  7. You have guns in USA? Do not you? SHOOT THEM. On sight. What is wrong with you?
    In Poland we do not have problems with coloreds,negroes, and so. We do not have guns. In Poland there is 1 (ONE) handgun per 100 citizens.
    And we manage 🙂

  8. What a joke, this man is going to get by with it. I had to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get my new electric wheelchair, I had to go through physical therapy, three medical review boards and twice medicare trying to say I don’t need one when it is in their own records that I have Multiple Sclerosis and have had an electric wheelchair since 2004.

    But this man does this and he won’t have to pay back a dime because he’s an “immigrant”. Do you know how many illegal immigrants play the system every single day?

    And WHY was he working as a healthcare executive in a country he isn’t even a citizen of?

  9. Michelle and Leah have the research team find what storage units he used to like to rent and all his aliases and then let’s show up for the auction! Actually probably better just to give me the directions and I’ll go and I promise to split all the cash I get with you both evenly 🙂

  10. One word … liberalism! Liberalism allows these crimes to happen. Liberalism is the greatest threat to American than anything else.

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