Avoid the New Medicare Card Scam ~ 30 sec SMP PSA

This 30 sec PSA warns people about new Medicare card scams and where to report them. New Medicare cards will start being mailed to beneficiaries in April 2018. The cards will have new identification numbers not linked to Social Security numbers as a way to help prevent fraud and protect people from ID theft.

Yet, as with any new change, scammers like to take advantage of possible confusion. Beware of scammers asking to verify your Medicare number and/or asking for money to mail your new card. Medicare will never call asking for your number; they already have it and the new cards are sent free of charge.

Please report any suspicious scams to our Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) at 1-855-613-7080. More information is on our website at: www.cahealthadvocates.org.

Avoid the New Medicare Card Scam ~ 30 sec SMP PSA

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