Author of Medicare-For-All Act Responds to Hillary’s Attacks!

Thom Hartmann talks with Professor Gerald Friedman, Professor of Economics- University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Website:, who wrote, "Funding HR 676: The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act — How we can afford a national single-payer health plan." ,a proposal Bernie Sanders submitted to Congress a few years ago.

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22 thoughts on “Author of Medicare-For-All Act Responds to Hillary’s Attacks!

  1. porter ranch California they have to pay for there own medical. so do the
    people of the gulf. so do the people of flint. the people are subsidizing
    the rich.

    It does not matter how effective a government program is. K0CHsuckers HATE
    GOVERNMENT. They want to destroy it.
    So quit trying to reason with them. Even if healthcare were magically free
    they would hate it because of government.

  3. Hillary has 2.8 million reason to be against single payer that’s how much
    money the insurance industry have paid her for her soul which as it turned
    out was for sale.

  4. Don’t forget commissions to insurance agents. They get a piece of every
    insurance policy. This won’t exist in a single-payer system.

    • +john olmos Insurance companies have insurance agents (sales), claims and
      billing specialists (customer service), underwriter staff (approve
      applications), marketing staff (sales), legal (lawsuit defense), and
      executive staff.

      Essentially only the claims, billing, and some limited marketing staff
      would have significant use in a government run system.

      Insurance agents, underwriter staff, and most legal and high paid executive
      jobs would go away. And with economy of scales and automation, there
      wouldn’t need to be as many of those either. Currently there is a complex
      set of national and state level regulations that insurance companies must
      navigate with specialized staff. Much of that would disappear as well.

    • They would still exist they would just become government employees. Their
      roles would change as well. Someone needs to administrate and answer
      patient phone calls to medicare. They wouldn’t be able to inflate their
      income either, Some health administrators and hospital CEOs make $500,000 a
      year. They cut cost cost by hiring midlevels like PA-C and Nurse
      practitioners instead of actual physicians too. I would like to see a
      doctor and have them well compensated, rather then midlevels encroaching
      and admins taking advantage.

  5. Thank You for putting this up! I have been telling people for weeks that
    economists back Bernies Plan and this guy lays it out!

  6. Like the Dylan line; “the insurance men are chasing us down, desolation
    road”.When the People let subsidize their health care to private
    corporations, that is just one more example of the corporate model :
    socialize the losses and privatize the profits.Any member of congress that
    doesn’t support single-payer are being subsidized by the insurance

  7. Help me take action. Please sign and share my petition to Senator Elizabeth

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