Arizona Medicare Supplement Plans | Which Plans Are Best And How To Compare Plans?

Medicare supplement plans in Arizona, learn what plans are best.

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This video explains the best Medicare supplement plans in Arizona. It is important to compare premiums between all Medigap plans to ensure you do not overpay for your supplemental insurance.

I go into detail, showing the exact differences between plans F, G and N. On average the rate increases are much higher on plan F when compared to plans G and N. In addition, the premium difference between F and G is almost always larger then the benefit difference, which is $166 for the year. This makes plan G a much wiser choice for your Medicare supplement insurance.

The Medigap companies don't want you to know there are over 50 companies in Arizona all offering the exact same Medicare supplement plans. The only difference between the is the price. Often folks sign up for a Plan F with an overpriced carrier and end up paying thousands of dollars more than they should be, for the exact same coverage they can get for a lower premium.

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7 thoughts on “Arizona Medicare Supplement Plans | Which Plans Are Best And How To Compare Plans?

  1. Thanks very much. Nice explanation. My mother’s agent never mentioned
    anything other than Plan F. Plan G/N seems to be better values by far.

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