AOC on 2020 Dems Calling Medicare for All Impractical: “I Reject That Outright”

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AOC on 2020 Dems Calling Medicare for All Impractical: “I Reject That Outright”


70 thoughts on “AOC on 2020 Dems Calling Medicare for All Impractical: “I Reject That Outright”

    • +Michael MartinI have a different intention for not regulating, but i’m not going into that right now. We do agree that Both Democrats AND Republicans both are absolute garbage. I want trump out of that party tbh.

    • +Michael Martin No, i just want the left to know that they shouldn’t confuse people who sincerely have beliefs of no regulation and so forth, with people who are like that because of their donors. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

    • Andrew Holland employment is calculated by the quantity of people that work. Not by how many jobs people work. She is dumb like real real dumb. So dumb in fact she led the push to keep amazon head quarters out of New York because they were getting 3B is subsidies. Stupid AOC cost NY 27B in revenue. Imagine what she would do to the country when she turns away a deal that costs 3B but will profit 27B. New York hates her right now

  1. We need all of our politicians, regardless of Party, to support Medicare-For-All in this country! What’s more “pro-life” than ensuring that every person in America has guaranteed affordable healthcare? If we all had access to basic healthcare, we would all have the “freedom” to live long lives and rarely have to worry about medical bankruptcies. If some of us need additional healthcare than Medicare, then we have the “choice” to get additional aid, but for others Medicare would be enough. And, if every other developed country (Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand) can do this and save money, why can’t the United States do the same and “Make America Great Again” for everyone?

    • Br Car I think you misunderstand the point of a universal healthcare system. You are not paying for poor people’s healthcare. We all collectively pay for everyone’s healthcare. It will also be cheaper than it is now due to a lack of profits and anyone can get treated.

      The only ones that will be paying more are the mega rich who are stealing economic growth that should have been distributed among the middle and working class. Adjusting for inflation and including benefits, wages today have the same buying power as they did in 1978. Wages also peaked in 1973. Ever since then the 1% has hoarded almost all economic growth for themselves. As the economy prospers so should everyone else.

      That money could have been used to buy healthcare, but that coupled with the fact that costs for health insurance have risen 600% have pushed us to the brink. The only way forward now is Medicare for All.

      Keep in mind that those that absolutely cannot go without private health insurance have the option to do so. They have such facilities in Canada.

    • +Molag Bal you still missing the point. So you want to force me to pay for everybodys healthcare. Just like progressives wanna force people like me to pay for everybodys college, just plain wrong theft. Its your own choice to go to college, stay out of our wallets to do so. Pay yalls own way or scholarship grants or whatever or dont go. Feel same about healthcare take care of you and your family and i take care of mine

  2. Now, Medicare For All has became a Litmus Test, a test that should be obvious considering the overall popularity. Why do we have to make litmus tests for things that have the majority of support of the American people?

    • Jonas Albin Lol, i should had seen that response coming, conservatives and their talking points are hilarious. I agree that we need to wake up and get with the program if we want our progressive movement to succeed!

    • Because the USA is an oligarchy; that is, it’s a corporate dictatorship. I have this simple graph saved to illustrate my point when required:

      And yet the corporate media will say that Venezuela or Cuba are undemocratic, what a joke. At least their government’s policies reflect the mass of their people.

    • Because we don’t live in a democracy. We live in an authoritarian First Past The Post electoral system disguised as one.

      But go on, continue ignoring Proportional Representation when I talk about it, and treating it like a side issue. Keep shooting yourself in the foot and ignoring basic math.

    • The same people that are crying about M4A being used as a litmus test used gun control as a litmus test to bash Bernie in favor of Clinton during the dem primaries. Then as soon as she got to the general she became super pro gun. But yeah I will not vote for anyone unless they are hardcore behind M4A.

  3. AOC is making a lot of waves lately – the good kinda wave. She seems to be determined and fiery. If only all the other progressive politicians had her kind of balls.

  4. Not voting for anyone that doesn’t support Medical for All! Enough is enough!! If establishment Dems want to keep supporting big pharma they can keep their blood money I’m keeping my vote.

  5. Having 40,000 deaths per year from lack of health insurance is impractical. Having 30,000,000 uninsured Americans is impractical. Medicare for all is not impractical.

    • +kingkongz88 – FYI WE found Trump he didn’t find US. Don’t think all on here are as ignorant as you. Do you know our constitution and its function? If so what is it? BTW the thoughtlessness comes from the left as they have no idea what our government is they just go by their feelings.

    • +Lou G I’m 58 so well grown thanks. I and my family have done well so no wasted degrees here. You seem to be full of right wing rhetoric with little substance. No one wants the rich to stop developing or getting rich. That is a mythology created to obfuscate the obvious. If they pay living wages and do not create what is essentially an indentured working class, if they pay the costs of the pollution their industry creates, if they recognize that monopolies hinder “free markets”, if they do not trade unfairly by political favor or otherwise, then fine and dandy. To not recognize that it’s well documented we have a country where people are working more hours for less except at the very extreme top is naive or deliberately obtuse. I won’t ask you to “grow up”, as you have, since I like to give the benefit of doubt but I would say you need to read a little outside of the politicized bubble you seem to pull your rhetoric from. The gap between CEO’s and the worker is at an all time high. Are workers less useful than before or is someone squeezing the system?

    • +kingkongz88 What would you do if money didn’t exist? All those around you build nice houses and you live in a lean to. Do you demand that they build you a house too because of the GAP in possessions? As soon as you said “Living wage” I knew what you were. There is no living wage jobs pay what their worth. If you can’t support your lifestyle spend less or get a second job no one owes you a living. There’s gaps in home runs and touchdowns should we even them out too, you know give some to less successful athletes? How about women, I made my money at the expense of a personal life so I should get some time alone with you wife. 58 years old? You didn’t learn much about life. Funny but when Trump reduces taxes so employers can expand and hire more people you say “Tax cuts for the rich.” You vote to raise taxes and never ending regulations then demand that they pay you more than the job is worth. Explain to me how that doesn’t make you insane?

    • +Lou G Any civilized society makes decisions about what a living wage is.Jobs don’t pay what they are worth lets get that straight. They pay either the least an employer can pay, what an employer must pay given regulation or an employer feels they should pay. There is no golden rule that says a job pays what it is worth. There is a giant difference between saying everyone should get the same (which you suggest I am saying) and that there are points at which you are exploiting people (which is what I am saying). If you want to choose a world that says if an employer should pay only what they can get away with regardless of the fact that they cannot get by working a full time position then I know who you are too. The kind of person that believes the current market is really free, who thinks that the Walmart’s of the world, who encourage government support for their employees to prop up their minimum wage policies, engage in anti-trust practices against other American companies in China, are okey-dokey. Walmart syndrome where they deliberately target small business products in towns until they break them and drive wages down when they are the last employer standing and kill small town America when even their employees cannot afford to support Walmart who ends up leaving. Yes, an extreme example that is well documented and not the true of all business. It’s just to point out there is no free market miracle written in some holy stone. Civilized societies create standards that can evolve and change. They do not say there are o standards and it’s purely dog-eat-dog. You can have your world and I’ll keep fighting for mine.

    • +kingkongz88 – Supply and demand – buyer and seller have to agree or no legal deal can be made. Suck it up or leave I’ve had it with you losers.

  6. Since we do have 70% of the people on our side… the other 30% will just have to suck it up and pay less for better care

    • +Lou G Top down like Stalin, Mao or Adolph
      is by it’s definition not socialism, all were essentially
      Fascist … which is the desire for, or practice of authoritarian
      leadership, period … all who desire a leader who is
      an auto-crat, and exempt from the rule of law himself
      are fascist. (cough cough tRump+putin.. cough cough )
      Stalin and Mao were no less fascist as Hitler was or
      or Toto or Mussolini were, in a sense China is still semi
      fascist. There is zero democracy in any workplace in China
      true socialism can only start with Democratic control
      of each individual workplace, both Nazi’s and Communists
      banned unions, killed union leaders, and any real socialists.
      There is no democracy in the workplace without unions
      to counter the capital which attempts to control the
      very labor that created the capital in the first place,
      you are sorely mistaken about the nature of socialism
      which does not exist with any type of top down control.
      Including the ‘owner’ of the company you work for
      Tell me, is the owner of the company you work for
      accountable to you? If not, you are not truly free
      Our occupying army required Germany to have
      half of all of it’s large corporation’s corporate boards
      to be union or other labor representation, a law
      intended to prevent the rise of fascism, which
      in some cases is the marriage of the corporation
      and the political party (cough GOPutin cough cough)
      As was the case in all of the big three fascist regimes of
      the 1930’s Germany, Italy and Spain ….
      ( Germany has wisely never repealed the law for strong unions
      that we left her as a legacy of World War II )

  7. Any Dem who rejects Medicare for All should have their government salary and healthcare revoked. They can’t accept our money and their donor money.

  8. I’m from the UK and we have free healthcare for all and even with the massive cuts to our healthcare in since 2010 by our conservative government we are still ranked 4th in the world so it is absolutely possible it’s just the private insurance companies in the US have far too much sway over your politicians

  9. Aspiring to Medicare for All in the future?! Martin Luther King was talking about a Medicare for All system decades ago! These elites and their cronies have no shame.

    • I’m a progressive but it’s true, Medicare for All is completely impractical. It’s not a viable solution if it can’t work.

    • +G Bashem I work for a non-profit hospital, and my job involves analyzing payer reimbursement. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Medicare reimburses hospitals BELOW cost, in other words hospitals lose money treating Medicare patients. (In case you don’t believe me: ) So if all private insurance dollars disappeared, hospitals would go out of business unless Medicare increased its reimbursement significantly, which isn’t going to happen. That’s problem number one. Problem number two is M4All would cause a sudden collapse of the private insurance industry, causing hundreds of thousands of people to become unemployed and for the jobs they held previously to disappear. Now you’ve traded one set of problems for another. There are even more problems I could list, but hopefully you get the idea. Solutions need to work, or else they aren’t solutions at all.

      I can already see your responses… “but, but… 70% of people support Medicare for All!” And all of those people aren’t educated enough on the subject to know it’s not a viable solution. “But, but… every other country has universal healthcare!” Yes, and the United States needs it as well. But the solution isn’t as simple as ‘let’s just give everyone Medicare’. It doesn’t work like that. “But, but… Medicare for all would SAVE money!” For consumers, sure. Not for healthcare providers. If healthcare providers go out of business because of Medicare for All, then Medicare for All is self-defeating.

      But hey, what do I know. I just have an advanced degree in this field plus industry experience. I’m sure you know more than me from watching YouTube videos.

  10. Medicare for All is the top issue for me. I won’t vote for anyone who isn’t completely behind Medicare for All. Regardless of who they may be running against.

    • Ken, I’m 100% with you. I tell young people, regardless of where they are on any issue, you’re going to have it soon, and you’d better get used to it. And you will, and you will like it. Whether you like it now or not, you will have it. And I believe that, given a normal life span, we boomers will see it too. And like it. And btw that’s improved Medicare for all.

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