Anti Medicare For All Lobbyists Buy DC Staffers w/ Luxury Resort Trip

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Anti Medicare For All Lobbyists Buy DC Staffers w/ Luxury Resort Trip

60 thoughts on “Anti Medicare For All Lobbyists Buy DC Staffers w/ Luxury Resort Trip

    • I hate that guy Hoyer! He’s one of the MOST corrupt politicians in all of Washington. He takes money from big pharma, private healthcare companies, defense companies, Telecoms, Walmart, basically anyone. Literally. He’s so dirty he’ll take money from anyone regardless of their morals. Look up his record. Speaks for itself. Call him: Slimy Hoyer.

      Justice Democrats needs to give him the boot! He’s worthless. He and Chuck Schumer I swear. If we could just rid Washington of those two…

  1. Lobbying like this should be banned. In fact, I would say treat lobbying like a public court, with a petition in front of a large audience.

    • +James Tepera the polls are being a bit cooked by oversampling old people. I wont make the argument Bernie hasnt been hurt by all the negative media attacks but Biden is not nearly as far ahead as those say. A recent more reliable one found Biden +8 with Bernie still @ 25% support.

    • +John L go ahead and promote the outlier poll that gets your guy to within 8 at your own peril. It used to be that Kyle claimed Bernie was the frontrunner. My how the bar has been lowered. And keep claiming “oversampling of older voters”. Just remember this: the old folks are the most reliable demographic and young voters are the single least reliable group. Facts are stubborn.

    • +Lying Dutchman 5 out of his last 10 videos have easily cleared 60k, and theyll undoutedly get more seeing as they’re only a few hours/a day old. Thats a pretty standard watch rate for subs though.

    • +PfEMP1 Good point, I sometimes have trouble keeping up with all of Kyle’s videos, especially since I’m also subbed to Jimmy Dore, Humanist Report, Rational National, Jamarl Thomas, Niko House and Status Coup as well.

    • Awesome lol. Growing up in the late 80s and 90s I remember how much the religious right hated “satanic” metal fans too

    • I remember that insane “eagle’s nest” televangelist that thought every rock album had satanic backward masking. So freaking hilarious. I wonder what that schmuck is up to now? Probably selling food buckets or anti-backward masking earplugs. Ha ha.

    • actually I think Rob and Ozzy were involved in court a case/s, a couple of poor bastards tried suicide, one screwed it up with the shotgun, the other didn’t. fukn dark days for metal, no pun intended. then there was a murder and two young guys were convicted because they were into metal and also drew “violent cartoons”. little Johnny Depp got involved. Dee took on Tipper Gore I believe in some “show trial” congressional committee?

    • Just make it illigal, punishable by never being allowed to run or serve in any position of authority for the rest of you’re life…

    • Assuming you’re Latina, why you’re vehemently against AOC, despite her policies that help Latino communities like abolishing ICE, a living wage and a union, federal jobs guarantee, Medicare for All, and of course, the Green New Deal? ¿porque no le gustas la congresista borícua de NY? Dígame Just why you despise her? Tell us, we’ll wait

  2. We need to find the name of every representative at this resort, plaster their names all over the country for everyone to see, and call them out at every opportunity.

  3. “What’s the problem? These lobbyists are heroes trying to stop my wife from becoming a slave!”

    -Ben Shapiro

    • When is he going to lobby for regime change in Israel? The reason he’s not living there is because they’d make his wife a slave.

    • +DR. F.U. From personal experience Andrew Neil asks tough questions but he does so, so that if you have a genuine case you can come back at him with your facts. Doing interviews on television were never meant to be easy but if your only experience of being questioned is Fux Spews, as is in Shapiro’s case you do not understand what a real interview is. My philosophy up to my retirement was “Throw me the best questions you can think of, I know human rights and I know laws and thus I have no fear of any question you present me.”

    • +TheBigGSN5 Shapiro is on his way out. Hopefully soon get goes completely broke like Milo, who is not selling his chair on ebay (nobody bought it for $1400/$800 bid) and giving people rare privilege of coming to their place and talking to them, if they agree to pay all his expenses.

  4. Body cams should be on the representatives and their staff!! (So you can see EVERYONE that they have talked to)
    I’m also for NASCAR style jumpsuits with patches on for their sponsors, er bribers!!
    Imagine that! CSPAN with over 10,000 channels- one for each one of them!!! (staff and representatives)

    • Expand your idea to include signs, banners, and Internet video ads of their sponsors/bribers on the representatives’ offices – just so we know who the f^^^ keeps seeing them. Go to their office, look at the video screen under their name plaques, “Oh, ads for Pfizer, Exxon, and Boeing. Got it.”

  5. The political system in the United States is a joke to many other western democracies. Not only is the entire 2 Party system corrupted by money…$=access=control=power, but the “information” being fed to the people across the country from corporate owned media has allowed the corruption of misinformation to metastasize so much so that too much of the citizenry doesn’t know fact from fiction.

    Sanders 2020

  6. So basically they get to go on a honeymoon with lobbyists before being married to their policy ideas. How surprising.

  7. Kyle!!! You know what this means? Medicare for all is winning, we just need to keep educating people. Thanks man.

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