Andrew Gillum Moonwalks From Medicare For All During FL Debate

Jordan Chariton reports Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum moving away from championing Medicare For All during his debate with GOP nominee Ron DeSantis. SUPPORT this reporting by contributing to the new Status Coup Reporting GoFundMe!

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Andrew Gillum Moonwalks From Medicare For All During FL Debate

47 thoughts on “Andrew Gillum Moonwalks From Medicare For All During FL Debate

  1. I AM a Floridian, and I totally appreciate your efforts to show that even though Gillum may be better than DeSantis, we need to keep an eye on him when he starts cozying up to centrist Democrats (aka bought-and-paid Repub Lites).

    • Yes afraid he might go GOP lite. He is a better choice though of his opponent. Have to make sure he follows through with his talk and what he said in the primary.

    • The people Gillum is cozying up to are actively working with big tech to disappear progressives. Trump supporters don’t want to censor you. In fact, the hard truth is Trump is the only person standing in the way of a complete progressive purge. Bernie sure is hell not going to do anything about it. He already made that deal while waving goodbye to you down the river.

    • Turncoat Corporate Dems always lie and pretend to be left during the primaries. Once in office they turn their coat back around and govern as a moderate conservative. Better to let them lose and make sure potential future candidates understand that fake lefty candidates won’t win.

    • And this is the guy who Bernie supported. I could debunk the Repub’s lies about Medicare within a minute, but Gillum doesn’t do it. He just pivoted to platitudes every time.

  2. All I hear from lamestream media is there is a blue wave coming. With Dems like this, its not happening. Dump’s approval rating went UP. Dems are delusional.

  3. Do what progressives did in the last election, don’t vote for Democrats who piss you off, or just don’t vote. Don’t compromise. Keep up the pressure, make them take you seriously. Don’t play the lesser of two evils game, because it is a scam.

    • this. we keep rewarding them for flip flopping and being inconsistent. this is why the democratic party has moved so far to the right.
      that being said, i dont think the oligarchs much mind when people DONT go out to vote for Republican lite (dems)… because they win either way.

      The system is rigged to the point where you either take part in the “lesser of 2 evils” thing or you sit it out. Either way, average people dont get representation and we are getting increasingly brazenly ripped off.

    • He might be trying to appear more moderate to get in…but better than the GOP maybe he will change his tune when he gets in.

  4. Regardless of rhetoric, corporate candidates WILL serve corporate interests and its becoming more and more clear that they’re BOTH bought and paid for

    • The same base that Beto O’rouke thinks he’ll pick up, moderate republicans but all of the “moderate conservatives on my street all have their Ted Cruz signs proudly displayed in their yards. Dems have no chance.

    • Democrats need to invest in poor communities in Texas. They focus on rich suburbs because they know those people vote. But they vote because the system is working for them.

  5. Gillum is a Hillary mini me

    I am torn between blowing up the system and the Dem party and slowing the blowup.

    The sooner Dem party dies the sooner PEOPLE can begin to end corruption.

  6. Gillum is a corporatist in progressive clothing. He has walked back M4A and what other policies will he walk back if elected?

    • True he is better than DeSantis, the Trump bootlicker, but I am so sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. For example, I voted for Jill Stien while residing in Florida.

    • Indeed, why do people still continually fall for this?? It’s EXACTLY what the Establishment wants you to do. If you went to a restaurant and the waiter was aggressively pushing the 2 main specials of the day on you, would you buckle and order one of them anyway despite the fact that neither one sounded all that appealing to you, or would you look at what else was on the menu and order something that DID sound appealing to you?

    • If the better choice wins, you have a responsibility to hold his behind to the pilot light according to his words. No more that’s the way it is if I vote for you, I expect you to be accountable or the office you serve will be a very uncomfortable.

  7. You can tell that Gillum is a Neoliberal because all the Hillbots come out of the woodwork to attack anyone who criticizes him.

  8. You should not add a disclaimer such as you did. You’re a journalist; holding politicians accountable is your job, whatever their party affiliation.

  9. The corporate media never ask the question to the military-industrial complex how are we going to do it without raising taxes if we give the military industrial complex 119 billion dollars.

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