Amazon Begins to Sell Prescription Drugs? | Medicare Part D News

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Medicare Part D News | Amazon Begins to Sell Prescription Drugs?

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Fears of Amazon moving into prescription drug sales are already disrupting health care

The possible megamerger between pharmacy giant CVS Health and the health insurer Aetna would be the biggest deal of the year if it goes through. It would also create a combined company less vulnerable to disruption by Amazon, the online retail giant that has been eyeing the pharmacy business.

Speculation that Amazon could get into the business of selling prescription drugs has sent tremors through the stock market since early October amid fears that Amazon would upend drug sales and distribution as it did with bookstores and then bricks-and-mortar retail more broadly.

Amazon is a wild card. It's unclear when or how the company will enter the market – or if it ultimately will. An Amazon spokeswoman declined to comment about the anticipation that the company would join the pharmacy business. But several observers predicted that Amazon's path into health care will be trickier than its entry into other sectors – particularly in pharmacy's most lucrative areas, such as expensive specialty drugs.

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Amazon Begins to Sell Prescription Drugs? | Medicare Part D News


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