AMAC Medicare Plans | AARP Medicare Plans | Discounts? Really?

What is AMAC? AMAC Medicare Plans? Are they independent? Why does an advocacy organization profit from selling YOU insurance? Whether it's AARP or AMAC, you need to know what's going on. They exist to sell you insurance, and, let you pay for membership for the opportunity to be sold to.

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AMAC Medicare Plans | AARP Medicare Plans | Discounts? Really?

8 thoughts on “AMAC Medicare Plans | AARP Medicare Plans | Discounts? Really?

  1. Thank you Christopher, I am 66 years old and needed that information. I pray that God keep you and your family forever in His protection and favor. What can you tell me about a dental insurance plan?

  2. I just want to say thank you what you for having our backs .you only added to a vision I had, that i myself brought into a 2 yr. card with the magazine’s and never purchased once it was done because they send you mailed out from other insurances which goes out to be burned. I hope they aren’t apart of united health care insurance that I’m looking into next year because I have human gold for Charleston S.C and the doctors aren’t happy with them and neither I’m I. I’m caught in the middle of doctors and insurance and it’s not a good place to be, take my word for it. always in October they send out changes to the plan but never send the book for I network doctors which makes it harder for patients that don’t know how to use computers and has very little vision but what concerns me more is the part about the precriptions drug deductible has been going up and down for those who get extra help. for example payment in 2015 was 15.00 2016 was 24.00$ and this year it’s almost 6.00. I’ve been scratching my head ever since and yet the cost of the precriptions still goes up every yr. and so if you can share some thought on that a lot of us would appreciate your input.

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