Alex Azar previews Trump’s executive order on Medicare

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar discusses President Trump’s expected executive order protecting Medicare and vaping health risks.

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Alex Azar previews Trump's executive order on Medicare

70 thoughts on “Alex Azar previews Trump’s executive order on Medicare

    • @Paul Swift …..Im on medicare I know first hand how shitty it is. Anything the president can do would be nice. Medicare for all? Trust me you dont want it. State medicaid is not great but medicare is far worse.

    • @Julie Roop Benefits across the board in FLORIDA is far below where it needs to be. If a person has worked there should be a base rate that people are expected to live on. YOU Don’t have any flexibility to live because you are too mentally divested when you are consumed with how much money you have leftover when you pay your bills. Forget about having any “Fluff money” in FLORIDA on SSI/SSDI. You must be very disciplined. Wellness is sheer grace. Soon to become survival of the fittest and an induced state of man made drugs where by people rely upon euthanasia. YOUR FICA is paying dearly for extra gender surgery and random injections. Decide before the emergency to be prepared. You going to keep having FLU Shots and taking psyche med’s they have proved ruin people? You are paying for the careless prescriptions. About kids, Please stop the ADHD treatments, and make the kids learn to face life without the med’s. The quality of life takes on new meaning when you see life passing you by because doing anything is dependent on being prepared to cope. Right now in the house there is a bill that if EVERY person paid .50 a week, SSI would have no problem(if the good Lord Tarries)to survive into 2050 without effort. THAT’ IS BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE WORKING!! I would gladly pay $2.00 of my benefit to know My daughter will have SSI/SSDI if tragedy happen. 30 years of work and $770 a month is NOT Sustainable. YOU cannot rent a home, pay elec, or own a car if thats all you get! If you have no other income, You are screwed! It takes 3 to 5 years for benefits, which is FAR TOO LONG! Being homeless is a Tragedy is around you and nobody seems to say a word about it. Becoming so spent you are force into homelessness on SSI is very scary.

  1. I do not think any one should get Medicare that are illegals or those who never fed it.. I like to see a big raise for SSA since Democrats gave themselves a huge raise for their pay check. They did want a raise because of their cost of living.. but what about the cost of living for the poor..

    • EB that’s not completely true. Most illegals are paid cash as they have no SSN. Therefore they do not pay into the system.

    • ncsuperdad – ‘tis true. Most of them actually obtain fake papers – like the ones that were employed at trumps resorts in the northeast were discovered to have and the trump resort supervisors/managers helped them get those fake papers. In 2016: illegals contributed $13 billion into social security and $3 billion into Medicare. And they will not be able to ever collect a dime of that back. That’s a pretty good deal for us!

    • @Packfan69 …lol…..are you trying to convince everyone or yourself? You are able to see your Dr regularly because we dont have gov run medicine. You give credit to Dems for this? Pray for wisdom. Dems dont care about you. Sad but true.

    • @Dianna/JesusSrvnt J Do you believe that an ill person should not have to worry about much money he or she will have to spend in order to get well or that an insurance company has the right to not cover a procedure a doctor has ordered for a patient? I am on Medicare so yes I have government run medicine and it has worked very well for this country for the past 50 years or so. I spent 5 weeks in the hospital not long ago and I paid nothing for it. I have no problem with Medicare for all citizens of our country. Oh by the way it was the Democrats who got us Medicare.

    • @Packfan69 they dent me medically necessary prescriptions, some judge in Tallahassee deciding over the doctor, how reassuring.

    • @Mel Dew That doesn’t make sense for a judge to side with an insurance company. Your health should only be the concern of you and your doctor. This is why our medical system needs fixing.

    • Sorry, but having been a Republican, I know which party I prefer. The Republican Party blames the Democratic Party for everything that is wrong in America. Every month I received a 1 to 4 page letter stating how the Democrats are destroying America. I could cite everything in the past 3 years that the Republican’s in office have done, but you know what they have done. Acknowledging their actions is impossible as it means that you will have to face YOUR core belief system.

  2. Medicare for all is a big joke the looney lefts like taking everyone’s money and it ends up going in a bottomless pit that never gets filled .


      OBAMCARE BEING RE-WORKED BY PRESiDENT. Never needed it and was NOT about ‘health”. Redistribution of wealth & to put in job killing regulations & 19 new taxes. “Health” was the ploy with which to do this.

    • @MiNeR You are so uninformed, So WHO is going to pay for medicare for all? THAT IS.SOCIALISM…equal misery for all. My family lived it. It is NOT successful model. You talk, pie in the sky, talk. You think, ALL people will actually PAY?

    • Legal insurance administration. Private insurers spend more than 12 percent of total expenditures on overhead, compared with around 2 percent for Medicare. Savings from moving everyone to Medicare would approach around $75 billion because of economies of scale, lower managerial salaries, and more meager marketing expense.
      A third way simple Medicare expansion would yield savings is by reducing the ability of hospital monopolies to overcharge private insurers. Medicare, in contrast, is able to pay 22 percent less for the same services because of its size. If all Americans used Medicare savings on hospital costs could exceed $53 billion.
      These three areas would save just under $220 billion, bringing the cost down to $618 billion, again like I’ve said before, Medicare for ALL would be exponentially cheaper than our current healthcare system, and it would INCLUDE seniors you buffoon. Learn how to read and come to me w some facts to argue with rather than spew out “socialism” when Medicare for all would be paid for with the same one payer tax system we have intact to day in order to pay for our current healthcare system. In fact we’d be taxed less due to the savings compensated through which I’ve just listed.

    • @maddog76 We already have it for everyone under. MEDICAID. INDIGENT CARE. EMERGENCY CARE. no one is turned away. Some free clinics. THEN planned parenthood, pay on sliding scale or zero pay. LEAVE THE SENIORS ALONE!
      You, always wanting something for ‘free’. We pay monthly for MEDICARE.

    • First off Donald Trump doesn’t care a blank about the people of countryand he had a supermajority he could have passed whatever tax bill he wanted to he gave permanent tax cuts to the rich and screw the rest and as far as him strength need Medicare he was talking about privatizing it just last year this is just a republican skiing because he knows support for medicare-for-all is growing stronger every day and if you think Private health insurance is so greatwhy they’re robbing us charging has the highest prices in the worldin pharmaceutical companies charging us $400 for a pill that cost them $0.03then you don’t realize how messed up this system is and how it is not worth saving and we need to get Medicare for all and get this country moving forwardwhere no American has to worry about going bankrupt over medical bills

    • @get it right I like what I see going on in the country I like the low price’s at the pump our oil independency the changes to our social security and 10% raise and changes to increase our benefits the straightening of the military and pay raise the welfare package increase in Florida, I lived on the boarder for five years and the type of crimes the criminals are doing are horrifying and I’ve spoken to illegals at my work place getting lase than minimal wages I support the wall and fair changes to our immigration system on health care the republicans have promised to get us a lower cost affordable health care plan the Democrats are voting down many of these changes watch the video Dr Lance Walllnau, take a look at his book written before the election he risked his career as a writer his book is called Trump gods wreaking ball to political correctness he will root out corruption and restore America to its greatness, for more than 40 years I have been a christian there are the anointed and not anointed and have seen many things beforehand personal and globule the facts are there anyone that comes up against Trump will lose Isaiah 45 he is a Cyrus, God’s Chaos Candidate (with Dr. Lance Wallnau

      CNN ultimately is not only after Trump. CNN is helping the left to take down America. Trump is in thier way.
      For a long time I thought they reason why CNN basicalky became the Democrat propaganda channel was due to government contracts that were offered to other companies that CNN was involved with. I now believe that is only a small part of it. CNN wants to be the organization that is the states media. If Donald Trump loses the Presidential election in 2020, the country will adhere to socialism under any of the candidates that are running. In a socialist country the government shuts down any opisition and will have a few media organizations that it controls and puts out government propaganda. Eventually when Socialism changes to Communism a few will become one. CNN is basically applying for that job.
      “Socialism is the stepping stone to Communism. Communism is the end result.” Karl Marx

      Wake up America, the left is destroying our country.
      The ExDemocrat

    • Greg Morgan
      Glad to have you, my friend, thrilled that you found your way out of the dimm & dangerous. Welcome home!

    • Your Big Head Cousin exactly! Just like supposed talks with North Korea… and positive outlook on trade… blah blah blah now that’s fake f*cking news!

    • I use medical marijuana tincture and vape I take them as prescribed by a neurologist and GI doc….CBD/THC combo….no more heavy muscle relaxers or meds for spasms…2 years ago my liver and kidneys functioning have improved since the change..,.it’s like pain meds if abuse your asking for trouble.

    • Socialism will keep Bernie in a great health plan.. for the rich and then we regular people will die waiting in line for hospital care in a dirty rundown corrupt hospital. I seen it for myself in Greece 20 yrs ago.awful and pitiful. I saw a pregnant woman in labor on the floor in the hallway. I felt so bad for her. And people in line for days outside waiting for emergency care. Bernie is a lowlife.

    • @kristina carvalho He needed to go to Cuba for his two stents in his heart veins. Why didn’t he go there? He wants communism for the rest of us. See the LIARS, just to get elected & be on TOP…as we are the peasants funding him.

  3. ….glad they have things like ‘executive orders’, especially in this kind of situation. it’s IS in reality saving the taxpayers HUGE amounts of money!!!

  4. Forget Medicare for all ,,,, I want the same free “Cadillac Health Insurance” policy that congress gives it’s members. We the people deserve to be treated equally to those we elect to represent us.

  5. I paid into medicare for 45 years. I earned it. Bums that flunk out of school and live on welfare deserve no SS or medicare.

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