Aging Committee Hearing – Medicare Fraud

Senator Elizabeth Warren's Q&A at a March 26, 2014 Aging Committee Hearing on "Preventing Medicare Fraud: How Can We Best Protect Seniors and Taxpayers?"

Panelists include:

DR. Shantanu Agrawal
Deputy Administrator And Director
Center for Program Integrity, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Louis Saccoccio
Chief Executive Officer
National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association

Brian Martens
Assistant Special Agent In Charge
Miami Office of Investigations, Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General

Patricia Gresko

Bettie Hughes
Senior Medicare Patrol Coordinator
The Senior Alliance

Aging Committee Hearing – Medicare Fraud

12 thoughts on “Aging Committee Hearing – Medicare Fraud

  1. Senator, it’s an effective deterrent for the little companies, but appears like an unfair commercial¬†advantage for larger ones. ¬†It’s helping large corporation to get bigger and unfairly crushing their smaller competitors. ¬†Sort like big banks vs smaller one or society in general. ¬†The fat cats are getting fatter while the ordinary citizens are left to scrape by with the crumbs. ¬†

    You should look to see if these corporations made donations to political campaigns of elected officials tied to committees making decisions on the matter.

  2. Thanks for highlighting this issue, senator. Clearly there aren’t strong enough deterrents: The current governor of Florida oversaw one of the largest Medicare frauds ever! What’s the lesson there? Defraud the government, run the government?¬†

  3. Senator Elizabeth Warren translation for your incoherent esteemed colleagues is


    The balls have been cut off and they are empty vessels who do not serve our best interest or any constituent

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