After Trumpcare Failure, Bernie Sanders & Progressives Push Medicare For All Plan

With the plan to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act dead for the moment, Senator Bernie Sanders is trying to make the most of the situation by renewing his push for a Medicare for all, single-payer healthcare option for the United States. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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After Trumpcare Failure, Bernie Sanders & Progressives Push Medicare For All Plan – The Ring Of Fire

33 thoughts on “After Trumpcare Failure, Bernie Sanders & Progressives Push Medicare For All Plan

  1. I’m gonna vote for Trump if, and only if, he does single payer. Otherwise, Green Party or a Progressive. Not Booker. Not Booker. Not Booker.

    • Alexei Voloshin Haha. Lol. That I do. That I do. I do have insurance, but it’s so expensive, I don’t frequently go to doctors. I just work out a bunch and eat nasty, healthy food since Obamacare sucks. But, I’m glad I have at least that for massive emergencies. I guess the exercise and diet bit is good, but not everyone is inclined to do that. Have a good one.

    • Joseph Pace The more people, government, and companies are between you and the doctor, the more expensive it will be!

    • Alexei Voloshin Good point. Yeah, that sucks. I think maybe Trump should really stick it to big Pharma. Drug prices could easily be half what they are and big Pharma would still make fistful of cash, only less. That would be hard to pull off, but noone owns Trump, so he really could do a lot more good than Obama. I imagine he will be worse as a President than Obama, but Trump is strong and Obama was weak. I think Obama is a good man in his personal life. Trump for isn’t. But, he loves himself and wants to be the greatest hero in American history.
      Mostly, you make a good point. I don’t know if there is a good solution soon for all that.
      I think tax increases for single payer should not hit people with under $40,000 or so. But, I think that government must force it’s citizens to do a very limited number of things so they don’t become oppressive. I believe forcing all healthy people who are successful and healthy to have to give up some of their money whether they like it or not. And I think over 200K annually should get taxed at maybe as high as 70% on anything above a certain level. It sucks, but healthy people must be Forced to pay for the sick and elderly and young. The working force carries the large majority of the cost of all the rest of society. It is frustrating, but it’s the right thing to do.
      Gosh, Bernie would have done so well. I hope he or a Bernie lite will run unless Trump does single payer and then I can just vote for him. I doubt that will happen with Trump.

    • Stick it to big Pharma? He had a meeting with them and because Trump is so easily swayed. . . well, you don;t need me to tell you who came out the winner that day.

  2. Long overdue and about time. If Drumpf really wanted to destroy the GOP as we know it, he would get on board with this, but we all know he’s not that kind of guy.

  3. Single Payer always fails because it’s the one thing that unites all the insurance companies, banks, big Pharma and people who work in those fields. You’d need a movement about 6 – 10 times the size of the Sanders’s campaign

  4. Sanders should of been the president instead of the moron we have now. At least Sanders caters for all instead of focusing on the white privilege group – like what Trump does. I can not WAIT until this idiot is impeached!!

    • Thomas McCullough Just because it exists doesn’t mean it applies to everyone. You do realize that some key Clinton losses were in places that voted in a black man twice, don’t you?

    • They are all on the same side, it’s all for show, with the purpose of Communism, where everyone is equal except the international Jew, which will rule over all. You’re being paid off in breadcrumbs.

    • If only you knew how dangerous Bernie was. This medicare for all monstrosity would raise federal spending by *35-40 trillion.*
      We are not Finland, or Sweden, or Norway (rich oil deposits), they have about 1/10 of our population, completely ethnically homogeneous, and the USA protects them militarily. Trust me, we’re familiar with Bernie’s (((agenda.)))

  5. Trump Care, Ryan Care, whatever you want to call it. How about “Trump-doesn’t-care” or “Chump Care”?

  6. The wheat from the chaff needs to be sorted out in the Dummocrat party! The chaff are the sell out corporate whores and Clintonites and the wheat are those that support Bernie Sanders and his platform.

    • I am not from the US…just a concerned citizen of the UK…watching on as the US gets taken over by Russia! The only US politicians I have seen, that make any sense are Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer.

  7. If people go to the townhall political meetings and press their politicians for Universal Healthcare For All Americans its a possibility….Single Payer System NOW!!

  8. If the Republicans did this there would be no Democratic party if the Republicans had a set of balls they would NEVER lose again.


    And don’t forget that Trump promised TRUMPCARE would cover everyone, and would be paid for by the government.

  10. Since most of your followers are mental pygmies, I think it would be better for you if you would talk in simpler terms. Quit calling it Medicare for All or Single Payer because they may not know what that is. Call it free healthcare for everybody. They can grasp and will support that. You followers are mostly the give to to me free crowd and they’ll jump on that free approach. If somebody else is paying for it, they’re all for it.

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