Aetna Medicare Advantage Las Vegas {Review}

We discuss Aetna Medicare Las Vegas in this Aetna Medicare Advantage video.

Aetna paid the first Medicare Claim in the 1960's. It is one of the oldest health insurance companies in the United States and is heavily involved in the Senior Medicare market in Las Vegas.

Aetna Medicare Las Vegas gives Medicare beneficiaries many options when it comes to Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap).

Types of Plans


Large Network of Doctors

Both the HMO and PPO plans offer one of the largest networks of Doctors and Providers within the state of Nevada for members to choose from. To put it into prospective, Aetna's Medicare providers list is almost as twice as large as the next largest provider network in Las Vegas.

Many people who come off of group coverage and go into Medicare are surprised at how many of their providers are in the Aetna Network.


Aetna Medicare Las Vegas HMO has a unique feature. We all know that with HMO's you must see your primary care provider for a referral to a specialist and you must stay in network to receive those services. With Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO you can use out of network providers that Aetna owns in 19 different states. Contact us for more information about using this benefit correctly.


Also with Aetna Medicare Las Vegas PPO plans there are a large number of in network providers but with any PPO you can see doctors out of network and without needing a referral from a primary care. All Medicare PPO's have an out of network deductible as well as co-insurance up to a certain amount.

Quality of Care

It is important to understand why Quality of Care is important with Medicare health insurance. In our opinion, Aetna does a terrific job at following up with their members and scheduling appointments. In fact some of our clients are surprised that their insurance plan cares that much to call them to see if they made their appointment for their yearly physical.

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