Advantages of Using an Independent Broker for Medicare

How is an independent insurance broker different from a regular insurance agent and why is this important to you as you shop for a Medicare plan?
We will answer this question and more in today’s video.

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I am an independent insurance broker helping people with their Medicare insurance from coast-to-coast.
Right at the top of the front page of our website, in clear view for all to see are the words “An Independent Insurance Broker.” As a result, almost every week people ask us, what is an Independent insurance broker and how is that different from insurance agents.
Well, the difference is substantial. It’s the difference between a person who represents your best interest and a person whose job is to sell you something regardless of what is in your best interest.
In the insurance world there are two types of agents; the independent agent or broker and the captured agent.
The captured agent is an employee of an insurance company. They may work for Mutual of Omaha, Colonial Penn, or UHC /AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield or any insurance company. Because they are employees of that insurance company they are only allowed to show you and discuss plans from their employer.
In insurance, the agent is required to be licensed in each state they work in AND with each company they wish to do business.
Because a captured agent is an employee of an insurance company, that company will not allow them to offer products from other companies. They are captured by their employer. They are only paid if they can get you to buy one of their employers’ products.

An independent insurance broker is a completely different experience.
An Independent Insurance Broker does not work for an insurance company. They often run their own insurance agency and are contracted with all the major insurance companies or at least those with the most competitively priced products in your area. Because they can work any of the companies available, the independent insurance broker can show you all the plans that are available to you, the prices from multiple companies and the price history from each of these companies. They work in your best interest, finding the right plan and best price of all that is available to you. It doesn’t matter which plan you choose, or company because the independent insurance broker can help you with any option you choose and get paid to do so.
By the way, you don’t pay the independent insurance broker. The broker is paid by whichever company you choose to get your Medicare supplement through as long as the broker helps you with the application process.
It cost you nothing to work with an independent broker. You pay the same price whether you go directly to an insurance company, use one of their captured agents or have an independent broker help you.

Even after you already have a Medicare supplement, you get more value and service with an independent broker. If your plan ever has a large increase in price, the independent broker can re-shop the entire market to find a better priced plan. All the captured agent can do is hope you don’t re-shop your plan.
Here at our mission is to help you make an informed decision about your Medicare choices. We want you to know about all the plans that are available and prices, so you can feel confident that you have the right plan at a competitive price.
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