Actions Will Speak Louder Than Words On Medicare For All

Don't take politicians at their word. Hold their feet to the fire. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode here:

"Enter Senator Bernie Sanders. Building from a presidential campaign that rocked the Democratic Party establishment by putting unabashedly progressive proposals front and center, Sanders has used his newfound stature to assemble an unlikely coalition of Democrats to back a “Medicare for All” bill.

The Medicare for All Act of 2017 is unambiguous about its goal: It would eliminate all private insurance and replace it with a vastly expanded government program. Doctors, hospitals, and drug companies would make less, but everyone would have access to comprehensive health services—including dental, vision, substance-abuse treament, and reproductive care—without any out-of-pocket costs. That is its principle, and it is unwavering about it."*

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Actions Will Speak Louder Than Words On Medicare For All

24 thoughts on “Actions Will Speak Louder Than Words On Medicare For All

  1. Jimmy and Steph are married. They’re both awesome! Check out the Jimmy DORE Show. It’s equally great and it’s part of the TYT network

  2. Harris & Booker ARE snakes, they will turn against Bernie at the first chance they can get. They have taken far too much money from corporations in donations & that’s who the serve!

  3. The mainstream democrats like Clinton, chuck schemer, Nancy pelosi, Corey Booker are all republicans pretending to be progressive to be in power! They are no different then Paul Ryan and company

  4. Both republicans and democrats are all together with the government that all you stupid fucktards are either poor or just close enough to being poor don’t you see that both parties are tied to billionaires that buy what they want while you both fight against each other thats what they want dumbasses

    • Don’t forget he said Democrats are taking a “Pause” on accepting big pharma donations! What a joke of a politician, if that’s what you want to call him.

  5. “You remember all those lawn signs, ‘We want a Bi-Partisan Solution to our Healthcare!’…”
    “I don’t remember it either, you know why?” Because it never happened”.
    Jimmy Dore you are one funny man.
    Thanks for helping us all laugh (and getting us to think too).

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