ABC News On Sen. McConnell, Humana, Health Care, And Free Speech

ABC's World News Tonight covers the controversy over Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) asking Medicare to investigate Humana for sending letters to its customers about potential Medicare Advantage cuts under Democrat health care proposals.

The segment features Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's objections to such heavy-handed tactics restricting speech.

11 thoughts on “ABC News On Sen. McConnell, Humana, Health Care, And Free Speech

  1. This should concern every single American! For this administration to
    impose a gag order on a private company against contacting it’s own
    customers is UNCONSTITUIONAL! Where will this end, will it end or just get
    worse with every passing day of this administration? I have never seen a
    U.S. administration ever do anything like this before, it is very
    hitleresque to me!

  2. If Humana has any guts, they will step up their mailings. What a bunch of
    thugs who work for Obama. A one term president if I’ve ever seen one.

  3. Monopolies huh? Why do you think they have monopolies. The govt refusal to
    discuss more on that issue is alarming to me. They would rather pass more
    taxes and mandates then actually break down the barriers to healthcare.
    They are looking for a fund raiser via tax payer. No company has incentive
    to change their practices until the consumers demand it by the power of
    their dollar. To bad the govt wont allow for consumers to actually use
    their buying power by allowing cross state buys.

  4. Oh, Humana Insurance Company is just worried about your health benifits.
    Would you hire a crocodille to babysit? Insurnance monopolies are worse.
    They’re serial murderers. What would you call monopolies that are
    responsible for 18,000 of our neighbors dying every year? Do you know
    anyone who has no healthcare and has a serious illness or just getting old?
    If you said no, than I suggest you start caring for others.

  5. I think you guys need to relax. The end of the clip reveals the real crux
    of the matter: HHS is looking into whether the mailings ILLEGALLY appear to
    be official communications from Medicare. It appears that the HHS is not,
    as McConnell claims, telling companies they can’t communicate with their
    customers; it’s saying they can’t pretend to be Medicare.

  6. Max Baucus is trying as hard as he can to derail health care reform for his
    insurance company sponsors. You won’t find other dems pulling stupid stunts
    like this one.

  7. HHS issued the gag order, and HHS will be the ones distributing benefits as
    the ‘Health Information Exchange’ under the plan. That would be a conflict
    of interests as far as their supposed investigation goes. And they’ve just
    voted to nix publication of the bill – WHAT a surprise.

  8. I never thought I would see such a thing in the US. This administration is
    truly dangerous. This is straight out of Hugo Chavez’s playbook.

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