A Future Vision for Medicare Value-Based Payment

A Google Hangout discussion of the NCQA’s White Paper, A Future Vision for Medicare Value-Based Payment. The paper describes potential principles to achieve for an optimal state of paying clinicians for value rather than volume of care.

This transition is accelerating through the Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), a law recently enacted with broad bipartisan and multi-stakeholder support. Current quality measurement abilities can help to start this important advancement. However, achieving the optimal future state of measurement to support performance-based clinician pay requires more work that must begin now.

A Future Vision for Medicare Value-Based Payment

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  1. Im a case manager for a PPG with a case load of 350 members, with new members added weekly. These are dual eligible members. I see lots of medical reports from primary clinics that vary in their format. Most, not all, use the traditional format; CC, HPI, ROS, PE, Assessment/plan, however, many offices lack the incorporating NCQA’s performance measures into their reports. I often find myself having to create a care plans based upon the lack of information to satisfy the performance measures imposed by NCQA. Lack of information might include vaccinations, flu and pneumonia, or mammogram and colonoscopies, basic measures of preventative medicine. Its interesting to see how the PCMH model will influence standardized documentation.

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