507. Mitch McConnell aka Turtle: recent comments on Social Security, Medicare & indictment

507. Mitch McConnell aka Turtle: recent comments on Social Security, Medicare & indictment

25 thoughts on “507. Mitch McConnell aka Turtle: recent comments on Social Security, Medicare & indictment

  1. Good question Rosie, about McConnell. He wants to be an oligarch plain and simple. The fact that he knows the process of voting is rigged and his entitlement of power (and that it’s NOT about serving the people)… is he an egomaniacal sociopathic narcissist as well?! Are they ALL? I am pleased he went on TV and lied and clearly obstructed justice time and again. He can mull over his power-mad “problem” while he serves dozens of years in jail. THAT will be his legacy.

  2. McConnell is truly a detestable person. Reading his bio on Wikipedia, it states that he had polio as a young child, and his family nearly went broke paying for his health care. I would render a guess that his deep seated pain and anger stems from this. “We paid our own way; everyone else should too.” He’s 76. I really hope he retires soon. I cannot understand why the mostly poor populace of Kentucky votes for this [person].

    • At the time that McConnell’s family “paid its own way” the healthcare system had not yet become a bloated, impoverishing, cruel, corporate aberration, which is, btw, a source of McConnell’s wealth!

    • Maureen R… I feel like he won’t go anywhere until he’s on his death bed. He does seem to hate humanity (as Rosie stated) & I see him getting a kick out of F’ing others over while bringing in more & more money for himself…. I get a vibe that he enjoys seeing others suffer. HEARTLESS… just like 45.

    • Do you mean Social Security? SSI is Supplemental Security Income.. which is a welfare or means tested program. I got hired in ’74 by SSA (Social Security Administration) after college because they took over the administration of this program from the states so eligibility would be consistent throughout the country.

  3. To see Mitch (with a B) escorted out of the Senate would be a dream come true. And also your emerald earrings are a beautiful dream. Nice choice Rosie!

  4. Hi Rosie its nice to see you again and you are looking very lovely and look cosy.Anyway McConnell begged the Democrats Not to investigate tRUMP if they take over the house,to me that is the sign of guilt in my opinion.I think many of the GOP are running very scared at the moment,and if i was a Democrat and had the house i would look into Turtle head to findout out how naughty he has been,and i am sure they will find something on him and many more.I am still going to stand by what i said that there is going to be many indictments for certain GOPs.I have got about 10 in my head that i think will go down,and there is some names i think will shock many people in the US.Getting off the subject i watched Andrew Gullum totally destroy that pig who looks like a fart in a trance Desantos i think Gullum is in with a chance after tonight.Anyway best wishes to you Rosie forever and a day and may your God he/she always be with you,lots of love from Bonnie Scotland.

  5. My favorite vision you had of Mitch was when you said he is woken in the middle of the night and is told about indictments. This reading elaborates on his downfall I don’t understand how people can be so greedy Thank you Rosie for this reading

    • maybe the FBI could do a no knock and wake him up like they did manafort , OMG did you see he went to court in a wheelchair ,, cause prison food doesn’t sit well on his delicet tummy

  6. Seeing Mitch and his crazy wife Elaine being confronted by protesters while they ate in a restaurant was awesome. He sat and smiled at the shouting crowd like a possum eating poop with the lockjaw. He looked so smug like he thinks he’s untouchable. Trump is disgusting but McConnell is diabolical.

  7. Hi, Thank you for the reading!! I saw today that mitch and the ***ch were confronted in a restaurant again today and his wifey wasn’t able to save him. They both got run out and treated pretty badly. Most people are very upset about them going after social security and really it’s been infuriating to a lot of people that these Republicans have gone after every protection and benefit that the average person is entitled to when it’s everyday people making them and their donors rich.

  8. Republicans logic is unbelievable. McConnell has got to go. It’s the story of The turtle and the hare, but In this case the turtle is the one who cheated and cheats in the race. Mcturtle got away with pushing through Kavanaugh, now he is embolden with the Trump aproch of bullying and self righteous, self serving, tough talk. If he represents any interests other than his own it would be his financial backers and his wife’s families shipping industry.

  9. And today the POOR people who pay taxes are paying for his and all These people their health insurance and their salary. So what have they paid into Social Security? We have to; to what make them rich off our laboring backs? ENTITLEMENT… we Americans paid into these programs every time they took deductions for checks. for Social Security And Medical Social Security.

  10. I often think about all the people who have died because of McConnell and the other republicans. Gun violence, lack of health care and education, homelessness just to name a few. All the while, they were living lives of luxury and privilege on the our taxpayer money. He has lots of blood on his hands. Murderers, all of them, IMHO.

  11. Rosie I hope your reading comes true I would love to see McConnell and the other top republicans jailed for their collusion with the Russians.

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