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Hi everyone, this is Lenore the Medicare Lady. And, recently I read an article from a publication called “The Eagle”. The article is titled Common Medicare Mistakes. I wanted to share with you those mistakes, there are five of them over a five-part series post, so that you don't get in trouble with Medicare.
So, the first one is titled “missed deadlines”, or not enrolling, or missing the deadline to enroll in Medicare at the right time. Now, this is super important because if you miss the deadline to enroll in Medicare at the right time…you could incur some heavy penalties that will stay with you and will be tacked on to your Medicare Part B and D premium for the rest of the time you're on Medicare.
So, you definitely don't want to miss the deadline to enroll at the right time.
There are basically two times you can enroll in Medicare without having to worry about penalty. And, the first is when you're turning 65. The second is known as a special enrollment period, when you're coming off a group health plan.
So, when you're turning 65, if you are already enrolled in Social Security, your enrollment in Medicare will be automatic. They'll send you your red, white, and blue Medicare card through the mail and you're good to go.
If you are not collecting a Social Security benefit…and, you want to enroll when you're turning 65, you can do that three months before, the month of, and three months after your 65th birthday.
So, that would basically be if your birthday is in April you can go down January, February, March, April, May, June, and July.
You can enroll in Medicare Parts A and B in that six-month…or, seven-month window without having to worry about penalty, and your effective date will be the first of the month. In the example I gave it would be April 1st.
The second time you can enroll in Medicare without any worries, without any penalty, without missing a deadline is called a “special enrollment period”.
So, as more and more people are working past age 65 they're on a group health plan, they're on their spouses group health plan. And, they're staying on that plan, but when they come off they need to pick up
You can basically do that three months before you're going on Medicare.
But, you will need to go down to the Social Security office or go online and get a special form.
You’ll then take that form to your employer and have them fill out and certify that you've had credible coverage.
Specifically, credible medical and drug coverage for the entire time past your 65th birthday that you didn't pick up Medicare.
So, hope that helps.

Here's the link to both forms you'll need when enrolling in Medicare Part B:


5 Common Medicare Mistakes to Avoid – #1 Missed Deadlines | Lenore the Medicare Lady

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