#25: Medicare 2020 Update For Telehealth And Digital Services

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In this episode of Sam I Am Innovates we do a deep dive into Medicare reimbursement for telehealth for 2020.

We’ll cover reimbursement for:
Video Telehealth
* Acceptable practitioners
* CPT codes
* Patient site geographic restrictions
* Patient site acceptable locations
* Exceptions to the rules

In 2019 & 2020 Medicare did some expansion and introduced new reimbursement defining the codes as:
* Brief communication technology-based service, Virtual Check In
* Online digital evaluation and management service & eVisits
* Interprofessional Internet Consultations
* Remote Patient Monitoring | Chronic Care Management

The virtual check-ins, eVisits, interprofessional internet consultations, and remote patient monitoring do not have geographic restrictions which provide much broader reimbursement opportunities.

Although Medicare continues to be the least favorable payer for video telehealth, we do need to recognize they’ve come a long way with the additions of remote patient monitoring, virtual check-ins, and interprofessional internet consultations.

As more providers begin to use the codes that helps demonstrate to Medicare the importance of reimbursement for telehealth and virtual care.

To get a copy of the slides from this episode click here to download.

The download includes the telehealth fact sheet for 2019 listing the CPT codes for Telehealth.

Please note the CMS Telehealth fact sheet for 2019 changes on an annual basis. It is important to look annually at the latest version of the fact sheet, codes are added and patient sites or acceptable practitioners can change.

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#25: Medicare 2020 Update For Telehealth And Digital Services


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