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The insurance companies do not want you shopping your coverage. They want you to stay right where you are and keep overpaying on premiums. But the truth is that Medigap Plans A-N are IDENTICAL from company to company. If you call your insurance company or captive agent, they will not tell you the best prices available in your area. They would never tell you how much you can save for identical coverage by going to their competitor for your Medicare supplement plan. You can shop ALL available options for your plan in your area. Our service is FREE. It costs you nothing. Check out the video to see what is possible when shopping your Plan F, Plan G, or any Medigap plan.

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2019 Medicare Supplement Comparison Shopping For Best Prices | ExpertMedicare.com


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5 thoughts on “2019 Medicare Supplement Comparison Shopping For Best Prices | ExpertMedicare.com

  1. Feel free to leave your comments or questions here in the comments section. We monitor our YouTube channel.

  2. I had Aetna. THey were horrible. Denied many services and I spent a lot of time appealing. I guess that is their strategy that most people will give up. I didnt and kept good records so they eventually paid but it was a nightmare.

    • We have heard this many, many times regarding their Medicare Advantage plans, as we also hear about a lot of Medicare Advantage plans with other companies, but almost never about Medigap coverage In all of our years of working Aetna for Medigap coverage, we have had ONE claim that we had an issue that we had to call about out of many hundreds of Aetna policyholders, and it was because the physician’s office filed the claim incorrectly with Medicare. Under a Medigap plan, if Medicare approves it, your supplement will pay the difference every time once you have met your deductible, if you have one. I am certain the issues you had are in regards to a Medicare Advantage plan. You would never file an appeal with Aetna under Medigap coverage. Any appeals (which are very rare under original Medicare) would be appealed directly to Medicare because the supplement companies pay once Medicare has paid their portion every time.

  3. A question: Once enrolled in Supplement Insurance, may I (and my wife) move one plan (say A) to another (B) yearly or sometimes for any reasons?

    • Medicare supplements are not bound by the Annual Election Period from Oct 15- Dec 7 each yeat. You can move plans anytime that you want to and as often as you want to. However, once you are out of your Open Enrollment Period that occurs when you are new to Medicare, you will have to pass underwriting in order to qualify for a new plan with a new company. I hope this helps! -Keith

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