-2019- Best Medicare Supplement Plans | How to Find The Best Medigap Plan

| Free, unbiased help. Let me help you find the best Medicare Supplement Plan for 2019.
Medicare Supplement Plans can be confusing – there are many Plan options, and many different companies you can choose from. How do you know which Plan is the best? In today's brief video I'm talking about everything you need to know to find the Best Medicare Supplement Plan in 2019 for your needs and your area.

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-2019- Best Medicare Supplement Plans | How to Find The Best Medigap Plan

25 thoughts on “-2019- Best Medicare Supplement Plans | How to Find The Best Medigap Plan

    • ernestine westbrook you’re welcome! Please feel free to let me know if you ever have any questions, I’m happy to help.

  1. My mom sent me a link to your video and I watched it. I told her to give you a call regarding the supplements. She will be turning 65 in February and we live in the Houston area. Thank you for a great video explaining the different supplements and which ones are the best value!

    • +Abt Insurance Agency Mom told me that you got her signed for her supplement. Thank you so much! Both of us were so anxious about getting the right plan for the right price. I’m in healthcare (occupational therapy) and see so many patients get shafted out of the treatment they need, and I don’t want my family members…or anyone…going through that. Thank you so much again!

    • Scott McCoy thank you! It was a pleasure helping your mom get set up on the best coverage for her needs! I look forward to continuing to work with her as her broker.

  2. I am 68 and start working last month company I work have more than 100 employee I do not take any drug I have
    Plant F my monthly plan is very high
    Can you tell me what plan I should take
    And I am looking for very low cost part

    • I would be happy to help! In order to get you the best plan options, I would need to gather a little bit more information like your zip code, and your current Rx list…would you be able to send an email over to me at [email protected]? I can get you some quick information!

    • Gwendolyn Flowers it will depend on your area – I’d be happy to give you a quote for the top companies for you if you’d like to give me your zip code and age. You can also send an email over to me at [email protected] !

  3. Plan N sucks because it worse than an Medicare advantage plan because it has no plan D with it like the advantage plan.

  4. Zip code is 48047 which company plan is better?

    Which company is better all around?

    Which company has lower rates with better perks?

    • Jim Feaster I hope you are taking an opportunity to shop your plan options! This is where I’d be happy to help. I work with many different insurance companies.

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