2017 Health and Medicare Open Enrollments update

Find out about important enrollment dates when it comes to over 65 and under 65 health insurance for 2017. This video will help you recognize key points when it comes to how you should enroll into your health insurance plan. Finding a locally licensed independent agent is not only free, but can help you save time and money.

Key take away is to insure for catastrophic illness such as Cancer, Heart attack, and stoke. Do not chase low copays to try and save 10 or 20 dollars for visits and wind up paying 50 or 100 more per month for coverage.

If you are looking for health insurance outside of the open enrollment click this link to find out about qualifying events.
For New Hampshire and Mass residents looking for local help you can call Tim at 603-560-3851 or email [email protected]

Tune in soon for more updates about plans that are going to be available in NH and MA.


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