2015 CPT Codes Medicare and G Codes

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2015 CPT Codes Medicare and G Codes

Alicia: Good, OK. This first question that we’re doing is on the 2015 G codes.

Q: (2015 G-Codes) I was wondering if you are aware of Medicare not approving many of the new 2015 CPT codes? They will be continuing with the 2014 codes, but will need to assign G codes. I found the lab codes on the CMS website yesterday, but have not yet seen the G codes for GI and radiology oncology.

A: Well, I went and did some research and I found two fantastic websites. This first one is preliminary analysis of the key provisions for 2015 for Radiology and Oncology. Again, quite amazing, as Laureen is pulling that. So, what this is again, this was a preliminary bulletin. As you scroll down on this, let’s go down to where we’re seeing the codes.

Right here is some of the reimbursement codes, but as you go down farther we’re going to see those G codes. This is a group that specifically did a study for this. You’ll want some of this other information that’s on there.

If you guys are in a document where you want to look something up, Laureen just did this, just hit control-F and see how that does a universal look up and you can put that in.

So, what the statement stated was: CMS moved forward with a proposed policy to eliminate some of the codes, and that was G0339 and G0340 in the Medicare Fee Schedule as they did the Hospital Outpatient setting last year. CMS is proposing that only… small based, the radiosurgery codes remain on the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2015.

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2015 CPT Codes Medicare and G Codes


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