180,000+ Medicare Patients Are Killed Annually [6/15/16] Audio Podcast

Dr. Wallach starts the show discussing longevity and heath. Citing the numbers of medical mistakes that occur every year in the U.S. Contending that 180,000 Medicare patients are killed every year.

Pearls of Wisdom
Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article concerning unnecessary tests, procedures and other treatments. Several medical societies have gotten together and compiled a list of these that they believe are performed too often unnecessarily. This is all part of a campaign called "Choosing Wisely" organized by the American Board of Internal Medicine's foundation. There aim is to educate patients to question the necessity of these tests and treatments in an effort to get doctors to stop performing useless procedures.

Patricia had a stroke and asks Dr. Wallach's advice on how see can manage her symptoms with nutrition.

Melissa is a schizophrenic and wants to use nutrition to control her condition.

Victor has metabolic syndrome and wants to control his symptoms with a nutritional supplement program.

Shannon has a friend whose son has mild MD (muscular dystrophy).

Fred has allergic reactions when he consumes red meat.

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