Update on Free OTC Medicine from Medicare Advantage Plans

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This big box of over the counter medicine and other medical devices came in the mail today and all of it is FREE. If you are on a Medicare Advantage Plan You May have this benefit already. All it takes is a phone call to find out and this can help anyone who needs these types of items and is on a fixed income.

Update on Free OTC Medicine from Medicare Advantage Plans


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5 thoughts on “Update on Free OTC Medicine from Medicare Advantage Plans

  1. That is good to know.. If you just call or go to CVS or Walgreens…Shouldn’t they have that information on their computer if your plan has OTC free benefits ?

    • No, you need to go through your insurance company because this is done through the mail. The actual stores do not have any information on this program. All you need to do is call the customer service number for your insurance company and they can give you all the information you need. Have a great Day !

  2. Thank you thank you so much this would be such a help to me in I’ll have to call my provider Monday but I had no idea that this was available and i worked in the insurance industry for almost 30 years, You can always learn.
    I will keep positive thoughts and prayers going your way take care of yourself as nd I hope you feel better

    • Awesome, I’m glad the information was helpful for you and I hope You can find a plan that will give you Everything you need. Have a Great Weekend and Thanks for Watching !

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