Tommy Douglas on Future of Medicare (1983)

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Clip from his Speech to the 50th Anniversary NDP Convention.

Tommy Douglas was present at the Regina Convention that founded the CCF. At the 50th Anniversary Convention in 1983, he delivered what many consider his greatest speech. Those present cheered him for over 20 minutes.

Tommy Douglas on Future of Medicare (1983)


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21 thoughts on “Tommy Douglas on Future of Medicare (1983)

  1. Your point is obviously ridiculous. You said “You are obviously a socialist. The Nazis were socialists. Tommy Douglas was a eugenicist.”so you mean they are the same, which is not reasonable at all.Can i say “Hiltler was a man, you are a man,so you are the same?”You are truely an anti-socialist who is brain washed by the capitalism. And you can never hurt the reputation of TD

  2. Then turn in your healthcard, don’t accept SS and OAS when you retire and don’t drive on roads.

    Please look up the term bankrupt. Thanks and a have great day.

  3. my god the brainwashing that the americans have suffered have really made them immune to logic……………

  4. This man died 30 years ago today, and he is STILL ahead of America. FDR got us a little toward the goal, Truman tried to get us closer, JFK tried to get us closer, LBJ got us a lot closer, even the Republican Nixon got us a little closer, Bill Clinton tried to get us closer, Obama got us a lot closer…

    Go, Hillary, go! And bring a Democratic Congress with you! So we can finally do for our country what Douglas did for Canada so long ago.

  5. that was great,what a good,caring man he was. No wonder he was voted the greatest Canadian in the world!
    He is a very inspiring man,i just wish he would’ve past away.Thank you Lord our God he was alive!!!:)

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