Medicare For All Will Save Trillions

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Medicare for All would be more efficient than our current wasteful, for-profit health care system, it would guarantee health care for every American – and it could save the American people trillions of dollars.


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21 thoughts on “Medicare For All Will Save Trillions

  1. People please share this video. If there is one cause to rally behind above all, this is it. It will put our country in a more competitive position, less people will have to live off disability because they will actually get taken care of. The peace of mind will increase our quality of living so much.

    There is so much misinformation surrounding Medicare, short videos laying everything out like this are so important.

  2. Health insurance is a scam.
    Health insurance companies make profits by denying healthcare, not by providing it.
    Health insurance companies do not provide anything , they are an unnecessary , useless , parasitic middle man .
    Healthcare providers provide healthcare, not insurance companies.

  3. Yet the media will not air this because they cannot comprehend further than tomorrow. Plenty of air time for the troll in chief though. Also they label this scenario the scary “S” word, which scares the conservatives into their panic rooms.

  4. As long as we have INSURANCE COMPANIES we will never have health care. Sickness is big business. The sicker you are, the more money Big Pharma makes. Stay sick………

  5. Three insulin quikpens with a mere three ml insulin each= $300. That’s ordinary insulin, not a special one. That’s not enough for most diabetics for a month. The cost of manufacturing, pennies. The generics? As old as insulin is, there are no generics. The brand name drug companies bought the generic companies and closed them down. The only game in town, life or death. With this administration increasingly it’s death. .Don’t be fooled! Rosenstein, Sessions, and Mueller get fired, and BarfK is in for life in SCOTUS. World Ending, President for LIfe.

  6. Yeh This was just thought about .If it was possible it would already have been in the service of the people.simple solution just make all congress pay for their individual health care with no help from the tax payers then they might get off their rears to do something like they are supposed to do, like for the people instead of what the people can do for congress members.

  7. If you look into it, you will find the profit margin on supplemental insurance is higher than basic coverage. With most Americans needing services not covered under a national system, insurance companies could have a larger pool of higher profit policies without the government enforced socially inconvenient procedures (i.e. birth control for nuns). This also means pharmaceutical companies will find it easier to receive government assistance in developing medications. Even though the after market profit margins will be lower, the up-front costs will be much lower. But gone will be the obscene profit margins leaving behind moderate to high profit margins.
    But unless homeopathy is strictly forbidden, a national health system would slowly become corrupted by pseudo-science costs.

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