Kamala Harris Backpedals on Medicare for All Within 24 Hours

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Kamala Harris Backpedals on Medicare for All Within 24 Hours


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54 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Backpedals on Medicare for All Within 24 Hours


    Let’s NOT vote for ANY of these people. Let’s stop calling them progressives and giving them votes, chances and consideration. She’s on the irredeemable list with Hillary and others

    • +James Watson vote green. Hope to get them to 5%. But dont even think about that because if we unite behind bernie again he has this in the bag. He got 46% of the votes last time, all he needs is 55% this time and hes in the whitehouse. And if you think he cant get that, then youre just being silly. We gotta stick together brother. Years have passed and the youth that couldn’t vote in 2016 love bernie to death and want to and will vote for him this time. If all of us 2016 vets come back for round 2 we are IN BABY!

    • +James Watson also remember not voting is still voting. Its saying i dont like any of the candidates so im not voting. Choosing to not vote is in a way a vote.

    • ​+JohnnyGotHisGun Not voting to make a statement would be fine, except that we can’t distinguish statements from all the non-votes due to simple disengagement. Not voting is exactly what Republicans want of us, and I can’t agree with giving it to them. If you want to vote Green that’s fine with me, just please vote for someone!

    • You mean the tool for the Democratic Establishment ? the same guy that said fight the oligarchy and then became a part of the oligarchy, after not caring about being cheated by the oligarchy ? . . .

    • +JohnnyGotHisGun It wasn’t funny when he endorsed Hilary back in 2016, was it ? Bernie Became completely apart of the establishment during that election. It doesn’t get more oligarch tool than Bernie kissing then ring of Hilary Clinton after she and the DNC cheated him. =/ And Amazon raising wages also hurt alot of people and will continue to do more hurt in the long run, especially for long time employees who Earned their wage increases, bonuses and benefits. There’s not one Bernie policy that promises to help a few and punish the rest no wonder why he isn’t for Helping Venezuela change regimes, he likes to see people suffer via socialist policies. Btw, Medicare for all is a joke its a scam for votes ! Stupid Bernie even Promoted a mercatus report that said medicare4all is insufficient and not feasible ! Bernie knows to do is get robbed sale out his constintuents and redistribute poverty. Bernie can not be trusted and I cant wait til he stabs you in the back again 2020 ! =) .

    • +HoltK You’re welcome! 🙂 yes, this makes sense. His focus is heavily on domestic issues as it should be. He does deserve the benefit of the doubt, etc as he’s shown to be a good, genuine man. Everything isn’t going to be all good or all bad with any politician. All good anyways lol. I think we’ll have some decent options in 2020 and that we’ll be better off next time around. Time for the progressives to shine! 😀

    • JWil42 the DNC doesn’t “rig” any of their primaries. They are totally neutral and impartial, counting each vote equally. Stop spreading fake news now please.

    • Skamala’s biggest donor is Warner Media which owns CNN. CNN’s biggest advertisers are drug companies that are enabled to charge extortionary prices due to the US not having the bargaining power of a single payer insurance system. This is why CNN gave Skamala her own town hall.

    • +Optimus JudyHopps how is he a trumptard? He sounds like one of the many Bernie supporters that are now just demoralized and negative.

    • Oh she cares about it alright.  She cares enough she’s willing to lie to the public and then screw them on the issue if they’re dumb enough to elect her.  She has no intention of even attempting Medicare for All if elected.  Her corporate owners on Wall Street would never allow that and she’ll never oppose them on anything.

  2. I I’m chronically ill and pay 260 euro for me and my husband per month for a basic health plan and a top rate health plan. I live in the Netherlands. And yes it used too be cheaper. When one as 20 I played 25 euro. Then 45 then 95 when we went to state run health plans to corporate insurance companies. Its mandatory so we get a tax refund for the basis plan. But still it’s expensive. But compared to paying the medication prices you have it’s ridiculous. Let’s say I pay 2.400 ,- per year for me and my husband and daughter (she is free until 18) that’s better then getting hospitalized and have a 40.000,- bill. I don’t know who runs the usa but it’s not the people.

    People Wo can’t think outside their borders to see other countries in Europe Canada Scandinavia etc. Having better heath care schooling and privacy… But every American says America is the best country in the world….sorry but I disagree. And until the people open their eyes see their being taken advantage of. You won’t be..

    Divide and conquer, pit minorities and poor against each other so they don’t look up and see the rich are rigging the system.

    Kamala is not an honest person. She says what she needs to say. She is a viper. She had to be to make it here. I like what she says but I don’t trust her. Not 1 bit.

  3. Hillary would at least wait until after primaries to backpedal. Sounds like someones donors called her up and told her to stop going on about it.

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