47 thoughts on “YOUR ENTITLEMENTS? Social Security, Medicare and Pensions…I Don’t Think So!

  1. Lynette, one other topic you might look into, but which will also take quite a bit of research is … while all these pensions are now underfunded, how much more will they be underfunded when the stock/bond markets correct to fair value? Seems to me when that happens the pension crisis will then be a pension catastrophe.

    • I’m thinking the petro yuan is going to have a MUCH greater effect than any other market collapse we’ve seen. Thoughts?

    • Rob. We had 2008 and look where we are now…….stocks have skyrocketed. Who knows what these “crazy” Central Banks will do. They all want inflation and not deflation……….maybe people will get checks in the mail from Central Banks ?? Universal Basic Income…….?? A lot of talking about this lately.

    • Katin; RR, the bottom line is market valuations are very high and we are years into this market cycle so the odds are we’re over due for a correction. When that correction hits the already underfunded pensions will be that much more underfunded.

    • But Rob you’re failing to recognize the very people who set all this in motion 100 yrs ago, frankly don’t give a damn about “the people” or their pensions. When the derivatives and bond markets blow (and they will soon) it’s suddenly a very different life here in America. So quibbling about percentages, corrections or buying bonds is oxymoronic.

    • Tulip, tell that to all the pensioners when they have to take serious haircuts. They won’t care if it’s a different country, they’ll just want theyer’s.

  2. I’m sorry people, but social security and medicare, more than likely will go away. If you did not save it, you don’t have it. If you can’t save for it you won’t be able to retire. There should be no fed or IRS, or an income tax. Only tariffs; if the government can’t raise enough money with the tariffs, then they will have to cut spending.

    • Is it fair to muse that……Once upon a time there was a Sovereign country that lived under it’s Constitution; that document being so thoughtfully inspired by it’s authors that strangely in spite of many under it’s domain who would use it as fire starting kindling today it still remains the law of the land and the longest enduring Constitution ever to have been “ordain(ed) and established”,… that country lived within it’s means and Gold and Silver under it’s Article 1. Section 10..
      “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility”.. was the law of the land… Once upon a time….
      Tariffs were the predominate form of income and that countries federal gov. didn’t live beyond it’s means in peacetime…Once upon a time …?

    • I agree the programs may fall by the wayside, but I don’t believe the beneficiaries will be left flat. If that’s what you believe – our govt will screw over the 125 million average Joe’s in America, you likely won’t be fighting next to one of us.

  3. Growing up I always thought the powers that be…. the headmasters, our bankers, government…. were the shepherds of us sheeple and something to aspire to. Well groomed, distinguished, honest and accountable. To be honest I’m finding it hard today to find a mentor or someone with integrity in power. I’ve got major trust issues with those in control to say the least. My goodness I hope people are brought to justice for this stuff. Lynette for President!

    • Jason Vosseler : Smart. I don’t trust any of them. And they seek power and control, over others, for a reason and it isn’t because they want to help you and your family. I have been reading this book, “Hope of the Wicked” by Ted Flynn. There have been evil men bent on controlling the masses for several hundred years. They use the Freemasons and secret societies to achieve their goals and to increase their wealth. You can buy a used copy and there are also free PDFs online. Depressing book to read, but he summarizes what has been happening very well, with endnotes for each claim.

    • The people who have seen the writing on the wall years ago, are the same people who have tucked away precious metals, attempted to eliminate their debt and have made those life’s changes that support near self-sufficiency. If you don’t have a garden, get planting. If you don’t have a chicken or two, figure out how to get some. Plan a small berry orchard. Tuck some $$$ into silver at least. And, think about a firearm to protect yourself and get some training to learn how to use it. But whatever you do, get prepared because when the credit markets freeze, there will be NO deliveries to the local grocery.

    • Jason Vosseler Evil thinks All of Us are the dumbest things walking the Earth and to be used that way. Why would The Demonic Elite educate a dumbed-down tax-paying slave / animal plowing the fields. This explains the possible Gap in your psychology. (1) The dumbed down Keyboard Warriors at YouTube are trying to block theses video links from your viewing if so just read and search this title. Former Satanic Secret Society Member explains The Satanic Elite’s thinking on All of Us. / Mark Passio on Satanists ‘ Total Contempt for Humanity + Mind Control + True Great Work. / https://youtu.be/ToCFacIR-E0 (2) ” The Order of Skull and Bones ” America’s Secret Establishment trying to Demonically Control and manage everyone as dumbed down Cattle in America by Dr. Anthony Sutton https://youtu.be/L_YWFC1HY74 (3) Full Interview ” The Order of Skull and Bones “. America’s Secret establishment and how they control education and create Wars and Revolutions in the World by Dr. Anthony Sutton. / https://youtu.be/yh3jwyqg0GQ (4) So Our Egos don’t Destroy Us. “Spiritual Protection” by Fr. Chad Ripperger, Christian Roman Catholic Priest and Exorcist. / https://youtu.be/fr_ThgVkUGo (5) “Guardian Angels” by Fr. Chad Ripperger Christian Roman Catholic Priest and Exorcist. / https://youtu.be/HROH926Ln-A

  4. The old adage ” You can’t fight city hall’ comes to mind. It’s foolish to believe a couple of silver coins are going to make a difference in an SHTF Zombie Apocalypse. In 2011 metalheads pushed G&S with the same old song “silver is going to $200 dollars an oz. Gold is going ballistic, then the crash. All those poor suckers who cashed out their 401k and IRA’s to buy metals have been sitting on a dead investment for almost a decade, no dividend, no appreciation with an added premium buying it and selling it. If metals goes through the roof you won’t have a roof to live under.

    • Sounds like you’re resigned to accept whatever they do for you… Most of us however do believe you’re far better off to convert fiat to gold and silver while you can with the prices down to preserve what little savings/cash you may have. To do nothing when you’ve got access to converting assets to precious metals is crazy. So let’s say you have $5,000 and purchased silver at $18.50/oz. you’d have 270 oz. After the reset let’s say silver values $250 oz. You could convert to current currency for $67,567. I’d say that’s a hellava lot better than the zero you have today. Same scenario only gold purchased today at $1350 – you’d have 3.7 oz tucked away somewhere. After reset maybe gold would be $4000/oz your little stash is now worth $14,800. Again a lot more than what you have today. People need to think about what they are learning regarding reset values, using gold/silver to perserve their wealth (for most of us that’s a little bit of savings we can get our hands on). Start buying gold/silver with all your extra $$$, cash in IRA or loan 401k if you don’t have cash. Because once reset, that IRA/401k potentially may only be on paper.

    • In May 2011 silver was at about 41 dollars an ounce. Most of the metalheads repeated the same tired reasons to buy silver that this site is putting forth now. Those who cashed out of the stock market and poured into metals are still sitting on a dead investment waiting for the crash, end of the world or the fabled Reset. Metals are still in a trading range and are heading for the lower end of that range. Every market has dead spots but if you own quality stocks you can ride out those spots because of dividends and splits. Metals can only function as doorstops and paperweights in those down times. If you are into speculation then there’s Bitcoin if you are into SHTF then there’s freeze-dried food and toilet paper both of which will be worth more then PM’s.

    • So what? In 1973 silver was $3.50. Ever hear of cost averaging? Gold and silver are part of a diversified portfolio, similar to what cash once was.

  5. Dont trust your government that has already stolen your money, start your own bank to be stolen by the government. Guess what, mob rules, thats the definition of demonproinsanity ah-heh demoncrapbankruptcy, cough cough I mean ludicruosity, democracy, sorry.

  6. Well privileged I guess by being born in a safe country and great parents that gave us love, opportunity, shelter and nutrition. I’m an Aussie battler mate. My successes have come from sheer determination, sacrifice and belief. I haven’t ridden on the coat tails of anyone. Naive no. Jaded yes.

  7. The no. One pastor in India prophecied in july 2017, that ball fiat currency gonna collapse n those who would possess G n S would be rich, but he also said that the time is not yet…… 9 months have been passed by….

  8. It’s funny how nothing it right anymore. When I was young they pushed the idea of having your own 401K to augment your retirement. So we saved and regularly added to our 401k, but now we are being told that the market is going to crash. and your 401k will be wiped out. So you pull your money out of it and put it into precious metals, but then we are told that gold inside your safety deposit box will be confiscated by the bank when it fails. So you put your precious metals into a vault that is in another country only to learn that in a crash you’ll likely not be able to get it so you are left with storing it someplace like in your house where it can be stolen by thieves or confiscated by the government (other thieves) as they declare precious metals as a strategic metal that cannot be owned by individuals anymore. So now you cannot rely on that money so you think to your pension that was 100% funded last year, but you are now told that it will evaporate into nothing from inflation and a crashing stock market. We are told we cannot depend on Social Security because it will go bust and we are also told that housing prices will go bust so owning your own home is a waste. So what’s a person to do? I guess I’ll go outside and eat worms.

    • RantzBizGroup You are wrong. The governments will make a point of not increasing your taxes. What they will do is reassess your property to 4 times the value, and keep your tax rate identical while you pay 4 times more cash, but that is not a tax increase. In fact they can lower your taxes just fine and still collect 4 times more on the great bounty of your highly more valuable property.
      Everyone dreams of living in a two million dollar home, and surprisingly it is quite possible that that might happen this year with no one moving at all.

    • John… My property taxes are twice as high as they were 3 years ago, mainly through school and transit levies. You are correct, however, land values will scream higher and shove people out of their property. I hope I live to see the day where shots are fired to maintain a residence.

    • Don’t forget that after the crash/reset when you cash your gold at 10X, 20X or 100X, their will be a law that says you have to pay 80% windfall tax. And then you die.

  9. Banker bailouts & bonuses of 2008 will be paid for with your SS, Medicare and Pension reduction, increased taxes, inflation..etc. Its all one big ripoff.

  10. Of all the government programs social security should not be denied to those who have paid into it all there life , to do so
    is a crime againts humanity and those who have allowed this to happen should be hanged .

  11. unemployment and social security are not entitlements. Workers pay out of every check for these things. Like a pension, insurance , or savings account. The government “borrowed” the money for other expenses. Nobody asked me if they could spend my retirement money . I’ve paid in about $200,000 over 44 years. Lies, bribes, and mismanagement is no substitute for pension.

  12. Interesting. According to William Mount, Venezuela is sitting on huge gold and diamond deposits, but they are not allowed to mine them. WHY? Who is suppressing that while their people starve?

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