Will “Medicare for All” divide Democrats in 2020?

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Ed O’Keefe, Jamal Simmons, Caitlin Huey-Burns, and Jamelle Bouie discuss the role of ‘Medicare for All’ in 2020 Democratic platforms for president.

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Will “Medicare for All” divide Democrats in 2020?


45 thoughts on “Will “Medicare for All” divide Democrats in 2020?


    • +CHARLES STYRON, wow, dude, way to get your point across clearly and cohesively. The all-caps choice is really working for you, as well. I’m certain you have convinced legions to your pov.

    • +CHARLES STYRON you are a complete too of corporate America! They instructing you on how to rob your grand kids trust funds while blaming Progressives! Smh

  1. Bernie Sanders is the front runner. Polls show Bernie’s favorability at 25% , only beaten by Joe Biden at 27% *who hasn’t ran yet* . Why do they intentionally downplay this?

    • +Berder King Data can, and is, manipulated by people. Many polls from CNN, e.g., only survey voters 50 and older earning 50k plus. They often ” forget” to tell audiences that they left out Sen Sanders’ base voters.

    • +Berder King you’re wrong all you have to do is look at the polls and most of the polls are 50 and over and landline young people don’t have landlines like that and Bernie base is the younger voters CNN did a online poll and Bernie destroyed it with his support so what CNN did they said Bernie supporters learn how to rig the polls online so they didn’t even put the poll out so because the only online poll gave so much support to Bernie it had to be his people rigging it or maybe more younger people go online so that’s why Bernie came out on top

    • +Berder King There is lots of proof. Google cnn polls and look for the stats. Not very easy to locate (ahem), but they are there. Something tells me though you won’t though. Will spoil the myths.

    • +Berder King I have seen those polls, the ones that have Biden as the front runner overly sampled older people. When taking polls of younger people it overwhelmingly shows Bernie as the front runner. Gotta wait for more polls that looks at an overall demographic first.

    • +Berder King  For starters I have no idea what 538 is, and no clue what tweet you’re referring to. A Harvard poll showed nearly a 10% lead on Biden from Bernie on registered voters under 30(the school is left leaning and the poll was around 1,000 for transparency so not big enough for you to take too seriously but may show a problem for younger voters for biden). The polls that were put into question were the morning consult with over sampling upper aged people I believe(don’t take my word for that one if this is wasn’t the messy poll my bad, I’m writing from memory)
      I checked some resent stuff earlier with some of the candidates and future candidates and I hope anyone except Hillary runs against Trump. Biden might have hit a stumbling block with the recent allegations against him, but if he handles it right like Bernie did(or oddly enough Trump) he can come out ahead.
      I’m trying to remain as unbiased as possible but I rather Biden didn’t run mostly because he’s closer to the center, probably more so then Obama was, so I want to see what an actual left leaning president can do.
      I looked at Pete a while ago and I personally feel he’s too vague, stay to the left, but don’t make any real promises or anything too definitive, kinda stopped listening to him after he had no day 1 plan, no real agenda. Maybe he does clear some stuff up, but he lost me after talking pretty vaguely for a few minutes.

  2. Joe Biden inappropriate touching? Really. Only 700 YouTube vids on pulling woman and children in front of him rubbing against them. How brazen. Visio evidence for Trump. Really want to go down that hole?

  3. It won’t divide actual democrats at all, it might, however, help to seperate the republicans pretending to be Democrats from the actual Democrats and I’m sure that all democrats support M4A.

  4. “there is no clear front runner”

    except there is: Bernie Sanders has consistently held double digit leads over all of the other candidates running.

  5. Sanders democrat must take the big lead as independent presidential candidate will cut trump’s lead down trump will lose the polls it time to pull the plug on trump.

  6. Bernie 2020! No more right wing policies. Thanks obama for getting it started, now step aside & let a real progressive take care of the American needs. Medicare 4 ALL! Bernie 2020

  7. whats the big deal about him not being sure about the number of donations- do u think he’s hiding the number because he’s afraid it’s too low? are you kidding me? Do you think your centrist candidates would be able to garner support and excitement anywhere close to the level Bernie sanders has? Pfft

    • That’s the only reason he’s leading the polls. He’s retired. It’s easy to stay popular when retired. Once he becomes actively running, he will plummet. He’s a goofball. Gaffe-machine and Village Idiot…. when he’s not groping women and little girls.

    • +ScootMagoot46 not compared to trump he isn’t. Seriously the village idiot is already in the White House. A clown would be less goofy than trump.

  8. If M4A became reality, it would be mark an improvement in the lives of Americans comparable to Social Security in the 1930’s and Medicare in the 1960’s. NOBODY other than Trump billionaires can imagine being without those basic protections for their old age.
    M4A would relieve persons of all ages of horrible pressure and risk throughout their lives. At a hugely lower overall cost than today’s private insurance middleman-gatekeeper system.

    I’m age 75, fairly well-off (not wealthy), and have the best employer-provided private insurance money can buy, costing many thousands a year–and it still has nasty holes and restrictions. When I retire next year, I’m dropping it in favor of Medicare (albeit via an “Avantage” plan made necessary only by greedy Republican profiteers).

    Personally, at my age, in my financial situation, the problem faced by Trumpers and their opioid-addict kids doesn’t affect me. And yet, I would hope for better, for you and all God’s people.

  9. I thought USA is the greatest country in the world but after almost 250 years still you can’t figure out Medicare for all. Every civilized country in the world have M4A. You keep asking how we going to pay for it? Ask other country which actually care for their people how they pay for it and they are not the greatest country in the world. The problem is that you’re not stupid but you’re serving The insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies who give you money. You have good insurance and you don’t care about the rest.
    We have to drain the swamp or we never going to see M4A.

    • Who pays for Medicare for all, other countries are taxed at double for free healthcare. Do the 50,000 monthly illegal immigrants get it to? We have 330 million people, stop pointing at a white country with 20 million people and no open borders. You can’t have it both ways. Build the wall and take care of your own, or figure out how Amazon and their 10 billion in profits can pay for Bernie’s 20 trillion to fund Medicare and free college.

    • +TIMEPPF You know that wall won’t work right? Cartel legally cross the border with their drugs in cars, and many, MANY tunnels. I’m totally for more strict borders, but a wall isn’t going to stop drugs from entering.

      Now the second part, did you know 85% of democrats, 52% of republicans and 70% of the US as a whole are for Medicare for all? Imagine a country so corrupt that the majority of people can’t get what’s been proven to work on every other modern could implanted.

      Now for the tired old question of “how are you gonna pay for it” did you know a conservative study done shows that a Medicare for all could save the US 2 trillion over the next decade? Less biased studies showed it can save up to 5 trillion from the current system, so if Medicare for all is unsustainable, how broken does that make ours? If it’s a purely monetary point of view, let’s flip that question you asked, how can we afford not to do it?

  10. I am 51 years old and remember when shows like this only had fuddy duddy old white men trying to sell you the corporate malarkey. Now since they know that the Youth are progressive and VERY active in politics they have a younger more diverse panel trying to push the youth towards stagnant centrism. #BERNIE/TURNER2020

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