Why The Left Must HAMMER The Medicare For All Opposition

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Why The Left Must HAMMER The Medicare For All Opposition


90 thoughts on “Why The Left Must HAMMER The Medicare For All Opposition

    • +Br Car so I assume that you’re in your 70s? Because how would you know what my age is? And what does that have to do with anything? Your tax dollars don’t go into your retirement. That’s the reason why Social Security is taken out of your check. So you don’t even understand your own separation of what money goes we’re out of your paycheck but you’re complaining? and you’re going to give me a lecture read up on what you’re supposed to be complaining about first before you put your foot further into your mouth

    • +Br Car so now with that being said. You would rather have insurance price gouging for the next 10 years because you are getting older and take money from your retirement fund to pay medical bills? Because a medicare-for-all system would be cheaper than the system that we have in place now. So again you’re complaining about something that you clearly don’t understand and instead of complaining you should possibly read up about it before you put your foot further into your mouth. So cut the crap. Do you complain about toll bridges cuz your tax dollars are supposed to go to Bridges and Roads. are you complaining about the private sector taking over large portions of cities in handing the bill off to you? cuz that’s where your money is actually going.

    • Br Car That’s nice, but do you have a preexisting condition? That’s my question. And as for the woman, I have no idea what the hell you expect her to do. She is working for her insurance, but it doesn’t apply to her parents. So she applies for Medicaid, but doesn’t get a response. She can’t afford insurance, let alone treatment, and even if she could, no insurance company would take him. What do you expect her to do?

    • were Norway, Finland, Germany, Canada, Greece, and so on NOT part of NATO? What does they having National Healthcare have to do with Communism, unless you’re acknowledging that the Red Scare made people in the U.S afraid of ANY government intervention into ANYTHING?

    • in the original Red Dawn film, fear mongering about Europe being more left wing was apparent in the beginning narrative text about “Europe falling first” because of their “green parties”. Pretty hilarious how fucking fanatical America is about anything left of center

  1. “Mitch McConnell wants to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to pay for Republicans’ massive giveaway to the rich and large corporations.


    The American people must stand up and make clear to McConnell that we will expand, not cut, programs working people rely on.” – Bernie Sanders

    • Obama wanted to do the same thing. It was called the Grand Bargain. It only was prevented because the Tea Party thought it didn’t went far enough.

      That’s the party you’re propping up, Bernie.

    • I will say this until everyone has heard this, here’s a way to help push Medicare For All and go against the opposition:

      Many on that side, they love the free market, fine, let’s think of this way. Is there a free market in healthcare? What is a big part of the free market? The power of the consumer to boycott. What happens for many who boycott healthcare? They DIE or they suffer something that could cause life long complications. How is that a free market? That’s not a free market, that’s a captive market, it’s akin to extortion.

    • jojo, every attempt to massively reform healthcare brought negative backlash. It cost Clinton Congress, it cost Obama the house, and every attempt to establish universal healthcare at the state level has failed.

      I agree that what is popular may not be best. My point is that the population won’t support a tax increase even if it is for their own benefit. People don’t always accept a tax increase which is how political parties lose. It is why we have a massive welfare system but still low taxes and thus increasing debt. It is why the governors of the Federal Reserve are picked as opposed to elected because they may make very unpopular decisions that are actually the best in the long run. So they are not depending on the votes of the people where politicians are. Overall, the point is that the people won’t like a tax increase even if it is best for them. That is the political barrier that needs to be overcome.

      McCain pushed to remove employer based healthcare and was met with a lot of negative comments.

      Establishing prohibition led to the mob which is why it ended. Also, ending prohibition was not major as it was not a major part of our economy. A lot of the Civil Rights change occurred locally. What major tax changes have we had in the past?

      It isn’t so much Colorado, why hasn’t any state done major reforms related to healthcare? Because people like their coverage for the most part. Democrats did lose the house because of Obamacare. That is well known because people did not like Obamacare. Many republicans won on the idea of repealing and replacing Obamacare. You blame the recession when the recession was occurring in 2008 when the democrats had control of Congress and still kept their seats.

      Employers rather give out a wage as it is much easier than benefits. With benefits you are adding more variables such as dealing with insurance companies, or in giving out a car to someone you have to worry about that person’s driving record and so on. Unless the benefit is cheaper than a wage most employers will give out wages.

      Employers may get away with paying employees less, but not in a strong economy.

      What age? Lower to mid 20s. All depends.

      With a free market you can work with insurance companies on what you want to have covered. You can get an individual plan as opposed to a generic one. One of the points of higher quality.

      I agree insurance can scam people, but that can be solved through the free market and minimal laws. Not major laws.

      If it is paid for out of pocket there will be competition with providers. And out of pocket prices will become cheaper. A major reason why healthcare is so expensive is that people don’t see the price of it and they don’t pay out of pocket.

      Yes, new innovation led to LASIK being better and cheaper. Now tell me, why hasn’t new innovation led to other areas of healthcare being cheaper?

      In a free market any insurance company that screws people over will not gain new customers and go under.

      Oil changes are cheap because of the free market. You need oil changes for your car to run and for you to travel and get to work and take care of business. There is a high need for oil. Same with new tires. Same with many other aspects in a car. It is cheap because people see the prices and are able to push for competition. As Ben Shapiro said, why is an x-ray so expensive? It is a machine where a technician takes a picture and someone looks at it. Why are x-rays so expensive? A lot of things in healthcare are very expensive due to lack of a free market. Why do hospitals charge hundreds of dollars for band-aids? They are cheap in the market.

      Catastrophic coverage is that unplanned, expensive situation insurance will cover. Will pre-existing condition still be a thing? I would admit it could. If you get insurance at a young age chances are it won’t as an insurance company can see you as a low risk even with a pre-existing condition and you will be giving them money for years. If you are older than that is on you.

      If you can’t afford it there can be charities or that is where you can have a local, government option. I see the desire for some sort of government healthcare to fill in gaps like that. Issue is that the quality of such care should be low.

      To give an example, I went to Planned Parenthood for an STD check up. It was “free” as it was government funded, but I was restricted to going there only on Tuesday or Thursday for that service and I had to wait for hours to get blood drawn and pee in a cup. I went to another clinic and had my insurance pay for it, or I could have paid $40 if I wanted. In 30 minutes I checked in, got blood drawn, peed in a cup, and was back at home. Very quick and easy. The government service was not quick, was restricted, but did not cost me anything. I can see a situation like that.

      I can’t provide research for this situation as no research exists as this situation has never been pushed forth from what I know. I am basing it on the fact that despite laws requiring certain wages businesses still pay higher than a min. wage. Despite the fact that businesses were not required to pay employees with healthcare insurance they still did. They still paid for time off and retirement. So my “research” is simply looking at how the market acts now. You are looking at this specific case where in reality there are many moving parts.

      Also, every state has different standards for their people. Look at K-12 education. Every state has different standards there. Same with driving laws.

    • Matt Rogers, over the years spending on SS, Medicare and Medicaid has increased when you look at it in percent GDP. Our welfare system is growing where are tax revenue, in terms of percent of GDP, has been essentially the same.

    • +whyamimrpink78
      https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9616340 “There were 141 deaths among 29293 patients.”


      To produce a universally accepted waiting time definition for cardiovascular surgery, present the rationale for this definition, and compare data on current waiting times in British Columbia based on this definition versus the current definition in patients waiting for aortic stenosis surgery.” The wait times in the report are relative to wait times in British Columbia. No deaths are reported.

  2. But… but… those are communist!
    But… but… our medicine is the best in the world!
    But… but… those countries don’t have minorities!
    But… but those countries pay highest taxes!
    But… but those countries about collapse!


    • @Ricky Spanish
      Oh none but teenagers should work minimum wage huh? Yeah, ans children shouldn’t die of cancer, and only bad people should get mugged, and rainbows and sunshine should be all days right?… Hahaha unfortunately in the real world what you want and what it is is not the same buddy. And when I say we, I speak for the ones who debate you? Or are you telling me that someone has ever congratulated you for being ignorant in a debate? By all means who was he?

      As for the who work the minimum wage? 79.9 million workers age 16 and older in the United States were paid at hourly rates, representing 58.7 percent of all wage and salary workers. Among those paid by the hour, 701,000 workers earned exactly the prevailing federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. About 1.5 million had wages below the federal minimum. Together, these 2.2 million workers with wages at or below the federal minimum made up 2.7 percent of all hourly paid workers.
      And heres another fact, not all of them are teenagers.
      And you think that all people who earn the minimum wage are failures? Oh, but wasting your time in Vietnam, like Rick, senior that’s an accomplishment, right? Hahaha… Funny you say that because here’s some other curious fact. Most of them are in the red states hahahahaha.
      With the exception of Idaho most of minimum wage workers concentrate on the Bible belt. Oh Ricky, you’re so cruel with your peers. But hey if you wanna spit on the face of your fellow Republicans, who am I to say no. Hahaha So I guess it’s you the Republicans who wanna be poor by choice, hahaha.

      And you’re copying my laugh?…. They do say that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, aw ricky 😉

    • None of the decisions you have made have anything to do with your lot in life. So, what if you did drugs or imbibe too much alcohol. It is not your fault you did not study in school and went partying all night instead. You still deserve a job that pays $100,000 a year despite all of your bad choices. It is somebody else’s fault that you do not live in as nice a house, drive as nice vehicle or have as many nice clothes as your neighbor. You like to wallow in a pool of self-pity and prefer the culture of “victimology” and eagerly vote for anybody who promotes the “grievance industry”.

      Yes, there will always be those who cannot take care of themselves due to accidents, disease or genetic issues – those people we should gladly and lovingly take care of – using private charities to whom we should eagerly give as generously as we can afford.

    • Wanting to end slavery, racism, cruelty and oppression shouldn’t be so polarizing. It should be easily agreeable. Who the hell argues for low wages as if it were a real argument? Who the hell wants to be ripped off by the current healthcare system when other countries have it so much better like Cuba, Iceland, Canada and everywhere in the western world. Rightwingers are the anti common sense. They can’t be reasoned with no matter how you try to plead for some sanity.

  3. Socialism is the scariest word in the Republican vocabulary, even more scary than the word “fidelity.”

    • Aseani Miller Venezuela isn’t socialist, what you described for the colonies isn’t socialism, and, no, socialism is very different from communism

    • +PRESIDENT BONE SPURS Bolivia is not full socialist like Venezuela they still have pockets of air where free capitalist economies are at work however morales knows this and instead of redistributing wealth and having the means of production owned by citizens he is taking a cut from these private companies that’s not socialism that’s facism and morales is now refusing to give up power he is now wasting government money on a museum for himself where his jersey collection will be displayed he also is creating soccer fields in every town in Bolivia and in order to play on them you have to pay the mayor of said town. This always happens with every communist or socialist country too much power is centralized and people complain about rich business men but replacing them with rich politicians makes it worse you don’t fix the wealth inequality you just set your country up for totalitarianism

  4. Strange that Cenk thinks that the Dems are running on populist healthcare rather than empty promises of “Access to affordable healthcare” or “Strengthen the ACA.” Those last two are stupid and mean nothing. The majority of the country wants #MedicareForAll on both sides of the aisle.

    • Cenk’s job is to herd young progressives into the Democratic Party where their energy and ideas can be contained and extinguished. What the Democratic Party fears most is progressives breaking free and forming an independent movement/party that they cannot control.

    • +Cygnus X-321If that’s your view, then stop watching Secular Talk/Kyle and listening to Bernie Sanders and pretty much every progressive in, including Tusli Gabbard, Rho Khanna, cause that is their view as well, uprooting the DNC from within. But of course, saying that would go against your irrational TYT hatred and “controlled opposition” narrative, so what am i saying?

  5. I’d love to see Kyle have guests on Secular Talk. It’s interesting to see him discuss his arguments rather than opining at a camera.

    • Agreed, I love when he interviewed Michael A. Wood (the liberal ex Baltimore cop exposing corruption, dude’s brilliant).

    • Kyle just had Glen Greenwald on the show. You should also check out Kyle’s other appearances on shows like The Young Turks, The Bible Reloaded, & Joe Rogan Podcast (Kyle Is Great On Other Shows).

      The only time I cringed about something Kyle has said is when he talks about Superhero movies, & Pokemon which I love both lol. He does not like superhero movies. He also somewhat bashed the Gen 1 games claiming they don’t technologically hold up (Although That’s Kinda True). Kyle should buy a DS & play Heat Gold or Soul Silver.

  6. Just as a heads up, once the US gets Medicare for All, you’ll have the republicans underfunding it to make it not work so they can fabricate reasons for removing it. That’s basically what’s happened and is still happening here in the UK with the NHS and the Conservative party, so you have to keep fighting for something as basic as that even once you get it.

  7. lol nice try kyle but we all know if you give people free heath care we will end up like venezuela and next think you know we will have gulags, looks like you been brainwashed by too much russian memes

  8. If we had Medicare for all before I was paralyzed by this tumor, I might not be paralyzed today.
    I would have definitely gotten the pain I was experiencing, long before the tumor got bad enough to paralyze me, checked out. I may have had to do some radiation therapy, but I’d more than likely been able to walk afterwards. But instead, because I couldn’t afford for medical care, I decided to try and tough it out, and hope the pain would eventually go away.

    • coltsrule5150 If your paralyzed than how did you type out this comment? Not to be rude just wondering. I feel sorry for you that you have to go through such a terrible fate, one that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Stories like yours are why I think suicide should be a human right that if you choose to take your own life that should be your human right to carry out, *not that I’m saying you should do such a thing* but just that’s what I think *I* would do in your situation. But it’s just sad how disease can just steal your life from you or leave you miserable and in constant pain and agony, or be paralyzed and just overall disease can give you a fate that’s worse than death in my opinion.

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