White House Defends President Donald Trump’s Budget On National Debt, Medicare, More | NBC News

President Trump unveiled his proposed 2020 budget on Monday. During a White House press briefing, Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell Vought defended the budget, which faced scrutiny on the national debt, Medicare, defense spending, and welfare reform.
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White House Defends President Donald Trump's Budget On National Debt, Medicare, More | NBC News

White House Defends President Donald Trump's Budget On National Debt, Medicare, More | NBC News

42 thoughts on “White House Defends President Donald Trump’s Budget On National Debt, Medicare, More | NBC News

    • Don’t you know? there are all mighty muslims out there that will cut all of our heads off tomorrow if we don’t spend Trillions every year. Meanwhile min wage is similar to that of the richer South American countries but they don’t have the millions without healthcare like we do. We are heading toward third world status being the richest nation on earth. makes me sick.

    • +Andrew J The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming! Our only chance is to support genocide along with our little boss buddy Israel!

  1. “but that is not true” .. how many times do we hear this in a Briefing and the response is the same.. repeat the President position regardless of the facts.

    • +R Lee idiots like you are why we have a Narcissist Gangster in the White House and think the Patriotic thing to do is pretend he didn’t contact us instead of use the check and balance put in place by our brilliant system of government for such a time as this to remove him show the world how intelligent societies handle THEIR business when a mistake is made a a REALITY SHOW IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE

    • +Maynard Runkle People attempt to restore bad areas ALL THE TIME. It doesn’t work. The people who live there misuse & destroy everything they’re given. Look at public transportation, libraries, and government housing communities they always end up trashed. The only way to improve those areas are getting those people out through raising housing prices and cost of living. In other words gentrification. Which has proven to make bad areas much better. And i’m black a black man but i have done my homework

    • +Chambers Ratcliff If the people are forced out then they will be homeless or living in some other rundown area because without jobs that is all they can afford. If their job were to maintain and improve something they are investing in the vast majority would take much better care of it. The pride of ownership goes a long way. As the Spanish say also, “el trabajo dignifica al hombre.” “Work dignifies mankind.”

    • +Maynard Runkle Tbh, who said we’re trying to drive out the homeless? From my point of view, you are trying to drive out the wealthy.

    • +Maynard Runkle That saying only works in a perfect Society. History itself has proven what I’m saying. You’re just working on hypothetical theories your solution doesn’t work. You can’t change the city to make the people better you can only change the people to make the city better

    • +Chambers Ratcliff I am old enough to realize that leadership can inspire people either in positive or in negative ways. JFK inspired the American people to get off our duffs and try to help the rest of the world’s unfortunate people. He also did the same at home with the VISTA program to help by working with the poor in this country, not just giving them handouts. I served for three years and saw the ghettos of two major cities in the process. I even lived in them.
      How much do you think people can do to help themselves when they have no ownership of anything? I saw peoples’ apartments go up in smoke when the buildings where they lived were intentionally set on fire by unscrupulous landlords anxious to divest themselves using insurance payouts.
      It even happened to me. I worked like a dog to buy the house and restore it despite significant damages. The three thousand dollars the city was willing to shell out at taxpayers’ expensive to tear down the building would have come in handy to restore it, but that would be “socialism” wouldn’t it? I still persisted because I had acquired a teaching job after VISTA enabling me to fund the work which involved a lot of back breaking labor on my part in addition to the expense. But I had something that most ghetto dwellers have had squeezed out of them – the belief that I could make a positive difference.
      It is so easy to sit on the sidelines and write off other people as unworthy, but the fact is that our government has been hijacked. It is now of the rich, by the rich and for the rich and there is no sincere effort to make any changes in a positive, productive direction. People are brainwashed into thinking that it’s free enterprise that will be the solution while the government funds enormous financial layouts that benefit the military-industrial complex (the one President Eisenhower, a Republican, warned us about.)
      Getting all our people on board as productive citizens would work but it is not even being attempted. Why? Big oil, war profiteering, stealing social security surpluses, and bankster gangster slights of hand are on the agenda – not fixing our infrastructure, turning to clean renewable energy, genuine assistance in education and training, and entry level, decent living wages are all. These are “Too expensive.” While $6,000,000,000,000.00 in Pentagon funds are unaccounted for and so few even bother to complain.
      Do you remember how the damages at the Pentagon conveniently hit right where the accountants were looking for $2.3 TRILLION that Rumsfeld announced missing the day before 9/11? Do you think that flying past the big brass and making a corkscrew dive to give the illusion the plane hit that area by coincidence actually was a coincidence? (Here is a little background information to help you decide. The accountants’ offices had been moved into the newly reinforced area we were told was hit by the plane, AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. Except for the head of the department, Robert Jaworski. Somehow, he lucked out, and did not have his office moved to the target zone. So, a year later, the Washington Post interviewed people about the terrible event at the Pentagon on 9/11. Jaworski talked about the awful devastation and even pointed out how the fire proof safes were melted onto the floors. Back in 2002 a lot of us had not learned that jet fuel and/or office furnishings do not burn hot enough to melt even ordinary steel. The combustion temperature is too low and this fuel, absent being in a blast furnace with extra oxygen, will be all consumed before it even approaches a temperature that will melt steel. So, if those safes were melted, it proves something other than a plane caused that to happen. That is borne out by plenty of other evidence as well. The Pilots for 9/11 Truth accessed the flight recorder “black box” that magically appeared, and discovered the data showed the plane never flew low enough to hit the light poles or the Pentagon. Of course, they have been ignored by the media.)
      And this theft goes on. $9,000,000,000,000.00 is missing at the private Federal Reserve Bank while Mitch McConnell pitches to steal the separate Social Security Trust Fund which is paid for out of a direct levy on workers’ wages, not from income taxes.

    • +Cherri Coiner No one is doing that, they are literally doing exactly what I said. If you believe Trump is making that better for anyone who can’t afford Maralago, then you should give me a thousand dollars because I can talk to your dead family members.

  2. Trump’s tax reform left many middle class Americans with a very high bill to pay.
    Watch as Trump is trying to revamp the Medicare System and destroy many elders income and Medicare cover.
    Imagine that

    • +Jimi Lee he will. He’s simply cutting away the excess money. There’s tons of it. He got millions of people of medicare and welfare. Correct estimate show 5 million people are off of welfare because of our president being so helpful to the middle and lower class

    • +dat boi Meanwhile, the military and oil people get a boost and their taxes cut. What about the $6 TRILLION THE PENTAGON LOST AND THE $12 TRILLION THE FEDS CAN’T ACCOUNT FOR. Never mind, they’re rich.
      Get all that chump change away from medicare and welfare. Why should we help people who are sick or who the economy left out of the fat cat’s boom?

  3. See nga.gov

    Big risk


    Blood money


    Black money.

    Sri lankan Canadians and germans

    Big boom booms tonight

    No incident related to present it would entrap too many people o.o. Rock the vote too old

  4. It’s not that hard seperatio. Of power’s I would have to scaffold a repeal

    Hang in there that’s done

    Everybody’s retired

    Fake news

    Tight lipped

    Nothing relevant in movement

    Danbury board of Ed excluded by godspeed if they lose

  5. Wow! Cut everything that benefits the people, create a Boogey man and throw money at it for protection. God I feel sorry for Americans. I guess if they’re happy.

    • +Cherri Coiner We give him a hundred dollar bill and he’ll give us chump change. The rest goes to the fat cats who paid for his election and who he has filled all the cabinet and ad visor positions with.

  6. Ay yes, helping out the common man by slashing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and increasing Military Spending that’s already $700 billion dollars. Bravo Donald Trump! (Sarcasm)

  7. Rebuild the economy? Rebuild the military?

    Economies in all developed countries have been growing since 2011…

    The US defence budget is equal to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th largest defence budgets globally combined

    This budget and this speech is sick!

    I find this absolutely disgusting

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