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Whats changing in 2020? I'll go over that
What is Medigap Plan G? I'll show you.
What is Medigap Plan F? Come watch and see!
What is Medigap Plan N? Find out

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This video shows the difference between Plan F Plan G and Plan N, and why Plan F might not be your best choice.

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Which is Better Plan F Plan G Plan N | Medicare Supplement


6 thoughts on “Which is Better Plan F Plan G Plan N | Medicare Supplement

    • Part B excess charge is what a doctor or specialist can charge over what Medicare approves the cost for the visit or procedure. 15% over the Medicare approved amount is the max they could charge for the excess charge.

  1. You can avoid “excess charges” by going to providers who accept “Medicare Assignment”. Medicare.com lists providers by speciality and whether or not they accept assignment. Always ask in advance however to make sure.

  2. Michael do you know if older Medicare beneficiaries will be able to change F plans (ie shop plans for premium price) after 2020? I understand that F will only be unavailable to Medicare beneficiaries who turn 65 in 2020 or later. Also would an older individual with a lower benefit medigap be able to be underwritten into an F plan in 2020 or later? Thank you.

  3. Sounds to me like these plans are almost a joke unless you live in a doctors office ! If I get sick I most certainly would hope I would be admitted into the hospital ! Must be reasons for these plans I just am not seeing ?

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