What Is Medicare Advantage???

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Christian Brindle was raised & brought up around the insurance industry. With his dad being an insurance broker for close to 30 years, Christian had the luxury of being able to learn all about the industry from a young age. Christian has worked with people far and wide on their Medicare plans and has seen close to any situation. Christian believes in empowering people on Medicare by not just finding them a plan, but showing them and educating them on why that plan is a good fit. Christian hosts the most popular Medicare podcast on the internet called The Everything Medicare Podcast, written and published two books about Medicare, and is the founder of his own company that is dedicated to helping people on Medicare everywhere.

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If you would like to work with Christian on your Medicare Health Plan, we currently work with people in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Washington, and Colorado. Those are the states we currently are licensed in. Christian and Christian Brindle Insurance Services represents many of the top insurance companies in the Medicare industry. Contact us for more information: (801)-255-5340.

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What Is Medicare Advantage???


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