VA or Medicare? Do you need both?

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Do you need Part B if you have VA coverage?
Does VA coverage mean you do not need Medicare?

You SHOULD sign up for Part B while you can. Why? When you need Part B (Medicare) later, you will be restricted to a "general enrollment period" which starts January 1 and ends March 31. Then, you must wait until July 1 of that year for the Part B coverage to start.
The BIG problem is the penalty for not having Part B back to the time you were in your Initial Coverage Election Period (when you turned 65).

If you are on qualifying Employer coverage, however, (generally 20+ employees in the group), Part B coverage is optional. As it is creditable coverage, when you decide to leave that employer plan, you will get a "Special Election Period" to start Part B on the first of the month after your group coverage ends (assuming you apply in time for this to happen).

When you start Part B, that effective date triggers your automatic availability of getting Medicare Supplement ("Medigap") insurance without any health qualification. So, whether you sign up for Part B when you are turning 65, or leaving your employer plan later, or signing up for the "general enrollment period" that would start July 1st, you can then get a Medicare Supplement plan (for a limited time) without any health questions, whatsoever.

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VA or Medicare? Do you need both?


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