🔴 Update: Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan G Rate Update

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In January 2015 Congress began debating what would then be called the MACRA law. This addressed the continuing saga of the "Doc Fix" where they would fix doctor reimbursements with Medicare each and every year with a bandaid instead of a real fix.

The permanent fix was paid for by a provision that eliminated the opportunity for seniors to purchase first-dollar coverage, such as that provided by Plan F and Plan C Medigap plans. This law was set, then, to be implemented on January 1, 2020.

As we have monitored the insurance companies across the country since then and reported on many times on this Youtube channel, the rates for the new Plan G, post-MACRA, and Plan F started to climb in 2017, 2018, and 2019 in preparation for MACRA starting.

In this video, I show a recent example of just one of the carriers in the market. The only way to see these increase notices is to be contracted with the carriers from coast to coast, which we are. The slides in this video are compiled by the various, e-mailed rate increase notices from around the country. The rate increases, shown here, are from just one insurance company and do not represent what every insurance company will do. They are an illustration of the increased percentage deviation between Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N with just one carrier.

This trend is expected to continue and spread to more carriers as we move into and beyond 2020.

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