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Selling Medicare supplement insurance (Med Supps, as most agents refer to them) can be one of the great insurance jobs. I say this with confidence because I have done it myself and continue to offer this in my agency’s services.

Baby Boomers are aging at rapid rates, creating a bubble of opportunity for an agent to start selling med supps (Medigap, as CMS calls them).

A big reason you should consider selling Medicare supplement insurance is how quickly you can build a six-figure residual income.

Most companies pay the same commission for seven years and some even pay for life. Plus, Medicare Supplement sales are at an all-time high because of the aging population. The U.S. Census says that by 2040 there will be about 82.3 million senior citizens.

Ultimate Guide to Selling Medicare Supplements includes the following:

– Medicare supplement sales training.
– How to sell Medicare Supplements?
– How Medicare works with other health insurance plans.
– What are the different Medicare Supplement plans?
– How to get started selling Medicare Supplement insurance?
– How get certified to sell Medicare Supplements?
– What is AHIP Medicare training?
– Benefits of being a captive vs. independent agent.
– Where to find Proven Medicare Supplement leads?
– How much can you make selling Medicare Supplements? Six Figures!

Let’s dive in and see what all the hype is about!

Step 1: Complete Medicare training
Step 2: Learn how Medicare Supplement insurance works.
Step 3: How to Get Started Selling Medicare Supplements
Step 4. Captive or Independent?
Step 5: Choosing the Best Medicare Supplement Leads
Step 6: Choose the Best States to Sell Medicare Supplement Insurance
Step 7: How to work Medicare supplement insurance leads
Step 8: How to make residual income selling Medicare Supplement Insurance

Selling Medicare Supplement insurance can be a great insurance job. It takes time and patience, but as you can see from above, it pays off in a big way when you see how quickly your residuals can add up.

Below are the big takeaways of learning how to sell Medicare Supplement insurance:

Always carry a copy of the 2018 Medicare and You Handbook on your appointments.

Medicare Supplement plans are standardized from carrier-to-carrier, the only difference is price.

CMS refers to Medicare supplements as Medigap policies and agents refer to them as Med Supps. Perfect example of 3 ways to describe the same thing.

Follow my process video using Alesco Leads to start analyzing your territories and buying T-65 Medicare lead lists and direct mail data.

Medicare Supplements have higher than average direct mail response rates.

Strong renewal commissions.

Job Security due to more Baby Boomers turning 65.

Hopefully this has been helpful as you continue your journey of learning how to sell Medicare Supplement insurance.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.

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Ultimate Guide to Selling Medicare Supplements – Review Video


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