Trump Signs Medicare Executive Order To ‘Ensure The World’s Best Health Care’ | NBC News

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President Trump announced and signed an executive order aimed at protecting and improving Medicare coverage at an event in Florida.
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Trump Signs Medicare Executive Order To 'Ensure The World's Best Health Care' | NBC News

Trump Signs Medicare Executive Order To 'Ensure The World's Best Health Care' | NBC News


36 thoughts on “Trump Signs Medicare Executive Order To ‘Ensure The World’s Best Health Care’ | NBC News

    • Angela keep asking more questions. An executive order was needed by the president of the United States to save our Medicare system. Now I have a question for you: Why did bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama collectively tack out close To 5 trillion dollars out of Medicare?

    • Why? Because he can’t pass a law. Any law. But it’s the GREATEST. Why? Because it’s Trump. And they want everyone to be armed.. everywhere they go? I can see why.

    • @db Why.. answer man? How much again.. and for what? And the deed was sandwiched around George Bush.. who did not do whatever it is the other 2 did? Please explain. So people can know the truth.

    • nevets yes, that’s why people from other countries come to America for medical treatment. I live in Canada. Even our, actually especially, politicians all come stateside for any major surgery and medical treatments. Stop believing the nonsense spewed by your corporate media.

    • @Melissa Porter I think he’s speaking of the cost of medical in the United States, and the cost of medicine compared to the rest of the world.

  1. This is the same dip…. Who said in his second term he will disassemble Medicare an Medicaid an enjoy it. The white hairs better wake up and smell
    This for what it is snake oil pure and simple.

    • @db *you’re*

      It’s funny how Trump’s supporters are so quick to judge people they know nothing about. It’s also funny that they seem to have a loose grip on simple grammar.

      Don’t project on me. It’s not my fault your president and political party are in damage control mode. You’re the people who chose this madman. You should’ve gone with somebody with integrity and honor, but now you’re scrambling to pretend, instead of facing reality.

    • you are right because right in the middle of Watergate Nixon flew off the China where he was photographed on the “great wall of China”.  These psychos know how to distract.

  2. Right, after doing everything in rethugs power to remove pre=existing conditions and completely dismantling healthcare. Small print is probably very destructive and self serving since he promised rethug senators if he’s re-elected he will end SS and medicare.

  3. Into the hands of corp greed. No doubt ruined forever. Will need 160 billion a day bail outs like his economy eventually.

  4. This is pretty much the same plan that Paul Ryan of Wisconsin spent years trying to slime into law. It is the first big step toward Ryan’s lifetime goal of privatizing the Medicare system
    Read Section Three!
    Section 3: Providing More Plan Choices to Seniors. (a) Within 1 year of the date of this order, the Secretary shall propose a regulation and implement other administrative actions to enable the Medicare program to provide beneficiaries with more diverse and affordable plan choices. The proposed actions shall:
    (i) encourage innovative MA benefit structures and plan designs, including through changes in regulations and guidance that reduce barriers to obtaining Medicare Medical Savings Accounts and that promote innovations in supplemental benefits and telehealth services;
    (ii) include a payment model that adjusts supplemental MA benefits to allow Medicare beneficiaries to share more directly in the savings from the program, including through cash or monetary rebates, thus creating more incentives to seek high-value care; and
    (iii) ensure that, to the extent permitted by law, FFS Medicare is not advantaged or promoted over MA with respect to its administration.
    (b) The Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, shall submit to the President, through the Assistants to the President for Domestic and Economic Policy, a report within 180 days from the date of this order that identifies approaches to modify Medicare FFS payments to more closely reflect the prices paid for services in MA and the commercial insurance market, to encourage more robust price competition, and otherwise to inject market pricing into Medicare FFS reimbursement.

  5. Genocide of those who don’t make enough to afford health insurance of any kind…all a hospital has to do is stabilize a patient (by federal law) and they can kick the patient to the curb without any additional treatment. If ya can’t get minimum medicaid (see states that require a person to be found disabled by the federal goverment) may as well see how long you can survive doing otc treatment cause if Trump and all politicians have their ways you may as well make your reservations for the Dead Man/Woman’s Party now, cause you’ll be just dying to get in.

  6. “Great Healthcare” – there’s that favorite Donnie word “great”.  What is great about it?  It’s just trying to get around the impeachment situation – trying to stir up his stupid base.  God what a mess we’ve got with this maniac at the helm.

  7. Hilariously devoid of details when he’s said he will get rid of social security and medicare. He said it is the first thing he will do when he is re elected.

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