Trump delivers remarks on Medicare

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President Trump delivers remarks on Medicare and signs an executive order. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Trump delivers remarks on Medicare


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38 thoughts on “Trump delivers remarks on Medicare

    • Unlicensed Pharmacist
      Ya, you’re wrong, drug dealer. Things happen, a spouse dies, people get laid off, people get sick. Be grateful for what you have, it’s certainly not guaranteed. You can make every correct choice in your life and wake up with a disabling illness or get hit by someone texting and driving and be left disabled in a 100 different ways and suddenly you can’t feed your family. You can lose your job to automation or cheap overseas labor. You are obviously young and stupid (or older and REALLY REALLY STUPID) if you think you can reduce complex societal issues to nothing but personal choices. I’d rather be broke than be someone like you who wears their ignorance with humiliating pride.

      Why do you dumbasses on the “religious right” love the 7 deadly sins so much- with greed and pride at the top of your list?

    • @Mr. & Mrs Smith stop making excuses . the majority of suffering is due to bad parents. in the wild, if the environment is not favorable, animals wouldnt breed. why can’t people do the same? oh right because they rely on the government to raise the children.

  1. Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of “The Art of the Deal,” said Trump had “a stunning level of superficial knowledge and plain ignorance.”

    • As compared to the hate the left has shown? This is tame, you guys are making pedofiles look like decent people, even giving them hollywood jobs. By the way nice deflection From Ol Jeffery with the Ukraine thing, the thing Biden claims made him famous with King Obama and the rest of the DNC Plantation.

    • My hat is off to you. I could only manage and maintain until the 00:26 mark. He should have said to defend the Constitution, but he has failed at that also.

    • We as Americans have to keep ourselves informed though. That is how we regain and maintain control of our democracy.

    • Preston Stevens
      Agreed. But every now and then we have to switch his bullshit off to protect our mental health, lest we become like his brainless sheep.

      I really believe he could tell them to jump off a bridge and they would just say “Which one, master??”.

  2. Every single time he talks. He is campaigning for himself. Never can he speak in a bipartisan manner. Everything is about his base. The majority are NOT his base. Speak to all of us and shut up about Democrats who have passed many many bills that sit to die on McConnells desk. SICK LIES

    • Willful ignorance to deal with their cognitive dissonance is something the right has mastered. It would be fascinating if it weren’t utterly destroying our democracy.

  3. He claims he wants to “make America great again”, however he preaches nothing but division and inequality. He goes against the core values of what it means to be American. He absolutely does not embody the integrity values taught to our American service members.

  4. He rambles on stage like Elvis did at the end, sloppily playing all the old hits like “Greatest Election Victory Ever”, “Fake News” and “Lock Her Up” among others.

    I’m surprised he’s not ranting that he isn’t “strung out”. Hell, he even introduces the politicians like band members. “On lead guitar, the legendary Ron DeSantis.” Still there is a saying, Trump couldn’t carry Elvis’ ______ strap. I don’t want to be crude and fill in the word.

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