Trump criticizes Democrats, mocks CNN during remarks on Medicare

U.S. President Donald Trump made remarks and signed an executive order on Medicare for seniors in the Villages, a Florida retirement community, going off-script to criticize the Democrats, the "fake news media" CNN, and Obamacare.

Trump went hard on "the maniacs" referring to the Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, saying the country would "go to hell" if either of them were to win the presidential bid in 2020.

He also slammed the Democrats' "insatiable lust for power" by bringing up their calls for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after Christine Blasey-Ford's testimony despite her "not remembering" what happened.

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Trump criticizes Democrats, mocks CNN during remarks on Medicare

25 thoughts on “Trump criticizes Democrats, mocks CNN during remarks on Medicare

  1. Choosing to go bankrupt because you had the audacity to have cancer, or get in a bad car crash? What a choice…

  2. I’ve noticed that alot of people who insult trump’s intelligence make ALOT of typos… I’m prepared to give the benefit of the doubt but there is a correlation there… Could there be a causal link as well?

  3. This policy and the rest of his claims are falsehoods. All of the Medicare features he refers to are already in place and have been for quite some time. There was never a Democratic threat to compromise or take away MediCare. Ever. So he is essentially making an empty promise, touting himself as the savior of USA healthcare ‘for everyone’ then, adjusting that to ‘the vulnerable’ (who are already covered). By signing this moot document, he is trying to confuse voters into thinking he is bringing improvements.

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