24 thoughts on “This is why we have to Save Medicare

  1. Eating or between going to the doctor……….what rubbish…….how about
    not buying make-up. I agree the medicare needs to be saved but this ad in
    complete BS

  2. Wait so you have enough money for makeup and leather clothing but not for
    food? Even on Centrelink you have enough money for food each week, and the
    doctor isn’t even expensive. Bloody hell. And if you are going to the
    doctors the much that you don’t have enough money for food, then go and
    live with your parents and get a decent job. Most shitty jobs pay you 50k a
    year, that should be enough money anyway

  3. this is such bullcrap, liberal never said anything about privatising
    Also there is no point privatising it because they will not gian ANY money

  4. I don’t like how negative this comment section is. seriously? Are you guys
    like 5 years old? Your all making a tantrum because labor took you out of
    some Minecraft video for 5 second to make you aware of what bad things
    could happen if you vote for liberal! And yet for some reason your hating
    on them now and are threatening to make what this lady in the vid is saying
    true! I want everyone who reads this comment to calm down, seriously think
    if a 5 second ad is enough for you to start hating on labor.

  5. A week after her 24th birthday, Alex was told to say that she had cervical
    cancer and might not be able to have children. This is why we have to
    “save” Medicare.

    Because shills are shills, especially those that want to MANIPULATE US. And
    Labor, is just as much a slimy rat as Liberal.

  6. Why are so many people complaining and hating on Labor simply because it’s
    an ad on YouTube? You can literally skip it in 10 seconds or less. If it’s
    not a Labor ad chances are it’s going to be another ad that you’re going to
    have to watch anyway. I’ve seen countless Liberal ads anyway, so why
    doesn’t anyone complain about them -or am I the only one who receives them?
    Not hating on anyone, but just voicing my opinion that hating on Labor over
    this is pathetic. Also: Yes the ad may seem scripted, but it does happen in
    real life. Perhaps real suffers don’t won’t to be filmed and have their
    faces shown for everyone to see. However it is a true representation of a
    real life problem for many. The Labor party is not lying.

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