25 thoughts on “Social Security & Medicare Changes 2019

  1. What you fail to mention is the pay back period for delaying taking benefits at full retirement age is 12 years and that is assuming no interest on the benefits received.

  2. what i do not understand why are we paying for something that was already taking from our checks during the working years i am speaking of Medicare? not all of us get 1200.or 1400.a month some of us get 764.$$ 840.00 WHAT IS THAT $134.00 TAKING AWAY IT IS LIVING IN POVERTY.

  3. Those of us in income restricted housing (federally funded) will see a rent increase of 2.7% for rent. Gov’t is just shifting money around.

  4. I have a question ? I’ve been receiving SSD for almost 6 years. I worked for twenty something years. I want to start work again for maybe another 5 to 7 years. When I retire will my income for SS be the same as now or will it go up a little bit?

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