Shock Poll: Majority Of Republicans Support Medicare For All

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Shock Poll: Majority Of Republicans Support Medicare For All


85 thoughts on “Shock Poll: Majority Of Republicans Support Medicare For All

    • Let’s pay from it out of what the government is already spending on healthcare. We’re even have a few billion left over at the end of that

    • +Chris Scott I am Canadian and you do not know what you are talking about. I have had 2 major operations and service was 100% and there was no waiting time as both were live saving. I also had cateracks removed and new lens installed. The wait was only three months. I paid $000.00 for all of it.

    • +Austin Hartman Whether those amenities are deserved is debatable. It’s not clear the medical ezpass will make anyone happier, and no one can be certain if physical colleges will even exist in a decade with the changing technologies. The money making jobs of the next few decades may not need college degrees. I don’t think it’s healthy to think you DESERVE anything.
      I’m down to experiment with anything just as long as we’re pragmatic about what we want policies to do and be honest when they don’t do what was planned. The thing to notice is how the political movements of each age don’t typically come from the masses. The masses get convinced of what they need.
      For funding, I don’t think it’s wise to pick on any particular part of the budget and cut it. The public square is evenly divided between red team and blue team. Every cut is viewed as a slight against the other team. Cut 20% from everything federal and force the government agencies to do the same work with less money. In the same way large businesses probably don’t use all their profits prudently, government funding doesn’t all make it to the cause.
      They can’t squander what we don’t give them.

    • RandomInternet User, lots of working people get things like food stamps, if you want poor people to pay tax the simple solution is to pay them a fair wage. Now when you say they pay no tax, do you mean even every purchase is tax free? This right-wing idea that people are just waiting to abuse the system is nonsense.

    • RandomInternet User you have some strange ideas. Your basically saying we should deny sick people healthcare so we can save it for those who don’t need it. A very interesting idea, so you would have healthcare, but the moment you get sick we say you can’t have it, because we need to save it for healthy people. That would certainly be cheap.

    • RandomInternetUser
      “ration health care”? The ones who *DO* ration health care and have death panels are the American “insurance” agents who take your money and then refuse to pay out when you really need it, because it would cost *them* too much to do their job and insure you. Hopefully when you get sick, or get into an accident, or get shot, you’ll get denied coverage just like you want for everyone else, “Golden Rule” style.

    • Can someone take a screenshot of Kyle and pat robertson squinting while discussing something and put them side by side and tweet it at kyle so that maybe he stops reminding me of the old turd.

    • David Colombini omfg k , u do not know because of misinformation via the Progressives , Currently , Military Spending represents about 15% of the Budget, Health and SS programs represent about 55 % . I support the idea of Medicare for All ! But , like with Obama Care its all about the details. Sanders Health Care , would in effect Nationalize the Health Care Industry , it Outlaws all other Health Care Options, it Sets Fees at 40% of Current Medicare Levels, and it could more then Double current Tax Amounts , I like the idea but how to make it happen is the big question . As an Example the ACA as pushed by Obama said people could keep their Old Health Plans, their Old Doctors , that Premiums would Not Increase, These Were All Lies Via Obama and the Dems.

    • Beachdudeca How you make it happen is thru congressional spending. Taxes do not fund spending at the federal level. The budget does not matter in the sense that what matters are real resource capacity. We arent in other countries to make peace, our military are in other countries because of their resources. please search youtube for Bill Mitchell, Stephanie Kelton, Warren Moses. All respected economists. Dont take my word for it

    • actually not sure what part of the USA population will be holding the bag , But the Estimated Costs are Far To Low , with Extended Coverage their will be Increased Usage , that will further Increase the Cost , again , understand I am not saying this is a bad thing , just that the Estimated Cost of 3.5 Trillion does not take into account that its a low ball number or that the True Estimate would be nearly the Whole Of Th Entire Current USA Budget , again , I could see the need to increase Tax receipts by nearly 100%

    • It’s not a lowball number, if anything it’s highball (actual projected was 3.2 trillion per btw), since no country in the world has proven to have to pay significantly more than half of what the US currently does. That’s due to the price gouging inherent to a private system, insurance’s cut, the complacency insurance creates, incentivizing treatments over cures/prevention, etc. Do you think the US is an outer space planet where the same laws don’t apply? The part of the pop. holding the bag would be the top couple of % who can afford it and much of whom has been accumulating wealth through exploitation for decades.

    • and what happened in 1971? We switched off to a fiat free floating currency, Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke both have said there is NOTHING that prevents the US from fulfilling its debt obligations. It is only a matter of having real resources that are a constraint. Hence FJG, Tuition free colleges, Med4all works beautifully together. Economics for simple minded…it seems you are to simple minded to watch a single video.

    • you forget the entire other half of the equation smh. Private insurance companies would cost 49 trillion over 10 yrs…4.9 trillion a year. Thats roughly a savings of 1.4 trillion a year. Can you give me a link to where you got the info that incl dental and vision it would cost 4.1 trillion? What is a lie? The real lie is that our Govt works like a household budget. IT DOESNT. Stop spreading lies….lying about how the govt and money works kills people.

    • +Blank Check how the hell you get that? All veterans yes they deserve it at the least. Elderly fixed income guess fine. Thats it everybody else work and get insurance

    • Jase Rader,
      “socialism in the ussr freed people from feudal slavery.”
      I bet it did. It can work well in the right conditions, and we could use some more socialism in our country. Mixed economies are great.

    • +Ricky Williams what’s the averige quality of care i america? Abysmal if you include people who’re not getting any, but should

    • And those places don’t have a we have too many illegals problem.
      They have high tax rates on everyone.
      But if you really want to be like them.
      They have the lowest regulations.
      They have the lowest corporate tax rate

    • +robert kim the reason we don’t have millions of illegals here in europe is that we have them legal, housed and working at a very high pace with not too many hoops. Our corporate tax rate after deductables is significantly higher than america, where it’s often negative, and most american factories need a separate assembly line for europe cause the american version doesn’t meet our safety regulations.

    • @Shade Blackwolf
      @A Gott

      The thing is health care in the US is abysmal because of the cost and lack of coverage. The actual care itself where you are actually taken care of is pretty good. Often times when I see people talking about Europe or Canada they’re talking about the coverage and cost. Not how well the care is like the quality of surgery or the doctors when they can help their patients.

      So my question is, is there an actually difference in the quality of the actual care between the US and the other modern nations? If so which one is better? If it’s the US, which the right will say it is, will that quality drop with a medicare for all system?

      I’m not asking as a person against it. I’m in full support of a medicare for all system. I’m asking because this is a question I don’t see getting answered or answered correctly. So I ask to see what the proper answer is and to prepare.

  1. But scary radical leftist libtards support it, guys, so we better do our American/Patriotic duty and vote against it and rail against millennials for being entitled enough to even suggest such a thing. We have scary socialists to stop. Sure, thousands are dying every year from a lack of access to healthcare, but hey, something something Stalin something something Venezuela….

  2. You’re only 30-40 years behind the rest of the civilized world on health care so I guess it’s about fucking time.

    • jag10 – no I would not live there. There are many reasons why I would not, but racial mix is certainly not one of them. I have a good life where I live, and I’m happy to pay my high taxes for that good life. If I moved country again I’d maybe try South Korea or Japan. See what it’s like there – something different.

    • jag jag jag…jagger. Mister, you really should read some books rather than constructing your entire world view on internet memes.
      Any country without a stable legal and justice system will deteriorate rapidly into corruption. That occurs regardless of the political system in place.(See what Trump is trying to do to your legal system as we speak)
      In Canada we somehow have drinkable water, free healthcare and a robust economy.
      If we are a socialist shithole then “viva la shitholes!”

  3. I’m sorry Kyle but the Democratic strategists have said we shouldn’t run on it. Instead we will run on affordable college, increasing access to healthcare, and carving John McCain’s face into Mount Rushmore. #Resist

  4. At this point, Medicare for All is gonna be the clincher for anyone wanting to get re-elected. Regardless of party. That’s pretty crazy (in a good way, of course). It’s becoming inevitable.

    • None of the Republicans and trump favored republicans being elected right now are for medicare fr all or have it in their platforms…not stopping them getting voted in and getting full voter support.

    • +Drake ICN You have a good point. But I think you’re addressing a minority of conservatives who are more like the far right wing/racist/Republican fanatics.
      What I mean by conservatives are the normal christians or those who don’t agree fully with liberals because they hate identity politics or they really like their guns. Baisically the non-racist ones.

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